2019 Audi S5 Coupe Premium Plus. Good deal?

2019 Audi S5 Coupe - Premium Plus (Stock Number: 14190064)
Lease at 39/10
MSRP: $65305
Selling Price: 57555
MF: .00179
Residual: 56% @ 36570.80

Driveoff: True $0
Monthly: 770 + tax.

How is this deal? Let me know if I need to provide more numbers.

What was the selling price? Also, a 65k P+ S5? Why not just get Prestige? Doesn’t Prestige have a similar MSRP and pack all the options of a P+?

Unless the residuals are higher for a P+ than a similarly priced Prestige?

Also what state are you in and what’s the tax rate?
Paying for Audicare will will increase residual a point and you may need it as your lease term is 39 months.

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I thought prestige had lower residuals than P+

That may be the case, even mentioned it in my post.

You can save more than a grand if you do 10 MSDs (8k total)…

Updated with the selling price and state.

Reverse engineering it in the calculator, I assumed CA for the tax… I did come close to 58k for the selling price.

I think the only real way to improve the deal would be by using MSDs to lower the MF.

S5’s notoriously lease terribly and this is a pretty good deal considering all drive offs are rolled in.

Other S5 leases I’ve seen are well in the 800 a month, effective range.

Thanks for your input Stinger!

How the hell are you getting that much for an S5?

I’m being quoted 730 a month for an S4 :frowning:

770 before taxes

For a true zero DAS (sign and drive), that’s a pretty solid deal!

What options are you missing? My S5 sportback was a prestige trim with $69k MSRP - you are very close to that. Might be the driver assistance/heads up that’s the difference between premium+ and prestige? That’s what the dealer told me for 2018s

For that kind of money, you can drive in a c43 coupe. If you like the c43, I would suggest you look into it.

Redesigned S5 > 2018 C43 forsure

2019 C43 is a different story. I don’t think he’ll get this payment with true sign and drive for 2019.

Couldn’t have said it better. 2019 C43 amg redesigned looks so good imo, but even at a lower MSRP im getting quoted for higher numbers monthly.

Pretty solid deal. It ends up being around $3,300 back after marketing allowance. Did I quote you this? This is a car from our inventory.

No fees or anything ? Or built in?

If this is from @IvanAudi, you’re in good hands.

I dont know if this is too late of a post. Prestige S5 for 5K down 10K a year for 945 a month plus CA tax.

terrible deal, go for a P+ instead

Really? Prestige has nicer options thanP+ 0:frowning: Thanks though