2019 Audi S5 Coupe Premium Plus. Good deal?



yea, but the residual is lower on prestige compared to p+, so good deals are harder


You can probably option a P+ close to a Prestige and benefit from a better RV. You won’t get all the Prestige treatments (no HUD?), but most of it on the S5.

Also, near 1100+ /mo for a coupe S5? Insane to me. This is a terrible deal.

S4’s are going for high 600’s now with limited negotiation. Are you married to the 2-door? The S4 with black optics is a sharp looker.


Let me check the S4"s then. Are you talking about S4 premium plus or prestige?


P+ with Audi. The RV is higher than Prestige and MSRP is generally lower. You can find a well-optioned S4 P+ with most of the things a Prestige has sans some of the gimmicky stuff.

Paying for Audicare also jacks up the RV a point. Throw MSD’s down and you’ll get a lower money factor. All those things will contribute to saving you money and getting the most out of the deal.

This was in NJ, back in January:

Programs may be different, but just to gauge what’s possible with a little bit of negotiation.


Thank you. Any infos on RS5? Are they even worst


They are worse. Going between 1100 and 1500 depending on dealer.

Best deal I saw was in NY at 1100 with 5k down. The lease offers are absolutely atrocious.

Don’t take my word for it though; get quotes!


That"s what my salesman told me yesterday. Expect a comma! I am having a hard time justifying Aude leases as I lease a 2018 Cayman 718 last year for 5k and 550 a month for 24 moths with 5 k a year to drive.


I hear ya. The money factors and RV is pretty bad.


You can get a prestige for around $799/month with $3k DAS at Palo Alto Audi and that already beats your quote even though it’s not the best deal. I know because I signed for a sportback in September.

I’m sure you can aim for mid 700s with minimal drive off and MSDs. I didn’t use MSDs.

People here will tell you go with premium plus to save money but I really enjoy prestige with heads up display and the drive assist package is phenomenal (way better at “self turning” on highway 280 than I expected). Go with the prestige if you can afford it and it’s worth the extra $$ to you!


Thank you for your info. I will try Palo alto tomorrow.


I worked with a sales guy named Hamid, great guy! He matched the offer (actually beat by $1) for a higher MSRP and better color car than what Stevens Creek Audi offered me. Back in September 2018, there were only 3-4 Black/Black S5 Prestige SB w/ carbon fiber so my negotiation powers were limited.