2019 Audi S4 lease review

Hey guys please let me know how I did. First time leasing, should have probably done more homework

Audi S4 Prestige, with carbon inlay, red leather, sport pkg, cold weather PKG. Metalic White
MSRP: 64495
Agreed upon price 58944.5 (felt like this could had gone a bit lower)
Rebate: 4750
MF: 00064
MF after MSD 00022
MSD 7200

Decided to roll everything taxes, fees into payment (even first payment) so I paid nothing down

Gross capital cost 63678.98
+59844.5 sell price
+NYS taxes 2840.48
+ acq fee 895
+ Auid Care 999

Cap cost reduction. I believe this is my rebate minus fees and first months payment 3105.01
-first monthly payment 789.49
-license and reg fee 356.5
-DOC fee 499
Adjust cap cost 60573.97
Residual value 32892.45 should be 51%
Depreciation value 27681.52
Rental fee**** Was I able to negotiate this…? 740.12
Total base of payments 28421.64
Monthly payments 789.49

So I paid nothing down except for MSD. I think the payments are kinda high but at the same time I put nothing down, taxes, fees, and first month payment is rolled in.
I feel like I messed up on agreeing to the agreed upon price via email when I was at work and not concentrating on the numbers too much

I tried to negotiate Audi care, they flat out said no… i should have walked at this point
I signed the document when they said i had 24 hrs to review, he kinda lied and said it don’t matter anyways you can review it at home since car is at port and come back if there are issues. But, reading the documentation, I’m pretty sure I’m stuck with this lease no matter what at this point. Lesson learned is to take the document home and review. Gives me more time to think plus gives them another chance to lower the price.

Overall I think I did okay. But you guys are the experts can you assist in rating this lease?

789 a month pretty steep but if you are happy enjoy

Prestige takes a pretty bad residual hit BUT the S4 is a great car. Enjoy! Post pictures too!

I feel happy considering I paid nothing down but I feel indifferent about it when experts differ in opinion lol

I guess I’m seeking honest opinions on how I did, this feedback will be helpful in my next purchase/lease/negotiating deal


If you are happy and can afford it enjoy it


It is so expensive because you chose the Prestige and took a residual hit. The Premium Plus loses only a handful features but, with its higher residual, would come in $150-175/month less.

Word I was thinking about just getting a prestige plus as well. This is gonna sound real silly but my wife really likes the idea of the user customizing interior lights. Lmao

Is there anything on the top figures that was negotiable other that selling price. The DOC fee seems like bs. I heard the rental fee is the MF right?

Was the acquisition fee negotiable? Lol

If you’re happy with the deal, then enjoy the new vehicle and please do not read anything below.

If you’re not happy, which it sounds like, consider what others are saying on here. Don’t know much about Audi leases because they have traditionally leased poorly but nearly $800/month for that vehicle does seem really high, especially with all those MSD’s. As mah4546 mentioned, go to the Premium Plus. OR if she is so inclined to get the customized interior lighting, add it on as an option, if that’s possible. No one really cares about the interior lighting other than when purchasing the vehicle. Interior lighting is NOT worth $150-$175 per MONTH.

Or even better, get an m340. In my opinion, it’s a much better vehicle and you’ll save over $200/month for a comparably equipped m340 AND you get customizable interior lighting. :slight_smile:

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Thanks no I’m happy and I was considering premium plus but I don’t think they had the lighting.

Honestly for bmw m340i I felt it was a “downgrade” from my old e92 m3. (Got rid of that last year).

Your advice is super helpful. I also feel $800 is a killer just wanted to see if anyone was getting similar packages prestige for a lot less. Then I’ll feel bad lol

Thanks for the info!

Most people on this site try to minimize the payment that they get for the car, for example mercedes c300 with no options and 5000 miles for $350/month. There aren’t that many useful data points for highly equipped vehicles, particularly in top trim because those top trims usually take a massive residual hit and are vastly more expensive.

Sorry but at that price I would get an A6 P. Plus…
I have an S6 with 5 months left on the lease and I was offered to get an A6 with a 68000 msrp for $800 a month, tax included, 36 months, 15k and AUDI care included, $2000 down payment.

36 and 39 months have the same residual for the A6. Also you are about $150 north of where you should be…

Meh never cared for the A lines I was always into S or the rs. I wanted Rs3 but wife said no cause they didn’t have memory seats and I know that woulda been horrible cause she’s 5’2 and I’m 5’9

If you are referring to what I was offered and I obviously declined (I am not willing to roll over to the new lease 5 payments…), yes, an A6 P+ with that msrp should be about $650 to $700 a month, btw 39 months may have the same residual as the 36 months lease but usually the mf is higher.
If instead you are referring to him I think with his msrp of $64000 not sure if he is $150 north… most likely $70 to $100 max.

About 200$ too high. I am on an S5 sportback P+, $66k msrp, 36/15k lease at $650 including audicare. The S4 should lease closer to 600 with audicare and even less for 10k miles.

I’m talking about the A6, MF and RV are the same for 36 vs 39 months, but definitely he is overpaying by close to $100/month for the S4.

How’d you do MSDs of your a NYS resident?

at $800 a month range I would suggest going after an m550, bigger backseats, and faster car.