2019 Audi Q5 premium with convenience package

Hi All, New to leasing so trying to figure out how this looks- still preliminary so wondering what else I can try negotiating or asking (details).

Audi Q5 premium with convenience package , sunroof and fe miscellaneous

MSRP: $46805
Invoice amount : $44574
Discount price :$38808
Terms: 39mon/12k miles per year

Payments quoted at $ 430 monthly payment
$ 3800 drive off

Is this reasonable?


Go through Leasehacking 101 and then find out the important variables before determining a good or bad deal.

I red through it - looking for some further guidance

Get the money factor, residual, any incentives you are eligible for and then try to put together the numbers in LH calculator. Don’t put any money down. Pay only doc fee, tax, title and reg fee and 1st month payment upfront.

if you are not able get all info yourself try working with a broker who serves your area.

Update with new quote from new dealer:

Hi All,
Thank you leasehackr community for making it so easy to negotiate for first time buyers. I could get a quote for an Audi Q5 Premium w convenience package and sunroof; black on black

Lease Term - 39 Months/ 12,000 Miles
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Audi Q5 Premium with Convinience Package and sunroof
MSRP: $45,645
Selling Price: $37,470
Rebates: $1250
Monthly Payment: $ 392 (possibly still has some room?)
Residual: 49%
MF: 0.00031
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2500 (First Month- $392, Taxes $1,165, Acq Fee- $895, Doc Fee- $75)
Region: NJ/NY
Leasehackr Score: Roughly ~9.2 years

How does this compare with other deals especially when Audi is trying to get rid off 2019 inventory before 2020 starts coming in. Also is RV of 49% too low, my dealer says it is because it is 2019 model, can that be negotiated further?

I’ve leases a dozen Audis. I’d never go below a Premium Plus trim. I did once and regretted it every day.

Doesn’t feel like a luxury car when a Honda has more features.

Just my two cents.

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I think you have a solid deal here. I would go for it and not worry about another $10 off a month. You should consider adding Audi Care since you will for sure be doing 3 services.

I also have a Q5 with the premium trim/convenience package and have been happy. The only thing I wish it had was the backup sonar but not worth the extra per month to go P+ (for me).

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It probably is lower because it’s a 19, but it is a number set by the bank. It is non negotiable.

You can gain 2% RV if you ask for 36 instead of 39 months. Expect the discount to probably drop though.

You can get a 1% bump in residual if you add AudiCare for around $1k which covers all the maintenance.

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I couldn’t agree more. I just don’t get it. I guess people want the brand so bad that they don’t care that it doesn’t have the most basic modern features.

Thanks for the reply!

@ 26-2 not worth the extra per month to go P+ (for me). - agreed not worth it for me either
@CapsCup2018 "I couldn’t agree more. I just don’t get it. I guess people want the brand so bad that they don’t care that it doesn’t have the most basic modern features. " - not the reason - guess its a matter of choice though.
@VirginiaBeacher - sure will look into Audicare

Ok then if it’s not about the brand why wouldn’t you get a Mazda Cx-5 or a Honda CRV that has way more features for $100 less per month? What exactly is the draw? The only reason to get a stripped down Audi over a cheaper far better equipped non luxury brand is to drive an Audi. I am not criticizing, I get it but lets call spade a spade.

Why not look into a BMW X3 which leases better?

Maybe he’s German…my Mom is German, and I recall going to dealerships there and people generally build their cars from ground up…like adding electric windows is an option! Many forgo AC, for example.

So in that case, a Premium would be a fairly loaded car from the “base” model.

I don’t really understand it in this country…having a fast car that handles well is imperative in Germany…in LA not so much!

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An imperative has nothing to do with it. It’s just fun.

I’d agree that they’re more fun to drive. I will say, however, that after having some slow cars that I find it much more relaxing to drive now…don’t worry about speeding around cars and hurrying up!

THere are differences between a Q5 and a CRV besides just features on the sticker. Ride quality, suspension design, quietness, robustness of structure are all benefits of “stripped” Q5 over a CRV with more “features”

My wife drives a Q7 2.0 premium with a couple of packages that we leased for 550+tax. She never uses cruise control, doesnt care about digital cockpit, doesnt care about big rims, doesnt mash the throttle. She wanted quiet and smooth. with great freeway stability (autobahn feel). and heated seats. That was the remit. She doesnt know brands, her first thought was a Hyundai.

Should I have bought a loaded pilot or chevy traverse instead? The Q7 infrastructure and platform underlies cars from 50K to 150, the pilot platform was engineered for cars from 30K-50K.

Different attributes have different values to different people.

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Unless Im miss-understanding what you wrote I hope i dont start caring less about speed and not speeding around and slowing down!