2019 Audi etron

Is this deal good?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Audi etron
MSRP: $86980
Monthly Payment: $958
Drive-Off Amount: $5800
Annual Mileage:10000
Incentives:$7500 Fed + $2500 CA
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

You are missing some useful info, but it sounds like a terrible deal. What is the CA $2500 rebate? If you are referring to the CVRP rebate, the e-tron doesn’t qualify for it.

They are taking 10% off MSRP plus $7500 federal plus another 2500 or 3000 for something else.

$78,282 minus $7500 minus another $2500. Sale price is $68,282

The drive-off is very high. I bet the dealer is telling you to apply the $2500 CVRP rebate (which isn’t valid anymore for this car) as a CCR and you’ll get that money back post-sale (you won’t).

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See this tread for more info…

If the $2500 is included in the DAS, then if I can get that removed would the $3300 DAS be better deal?