Audi E-tron lease


Lol! Well I know you will enjoy it, it’s beautiful!

BEEP BOOP congratulations!

What was the 3k incentive?

The $3k incentive (from what my dealer told me) was just what Audi is offering for the month of November. Then there is also the inclusion of the Driver assist package (which is $2800) in the price of the car now. So off the bat, there is about 5800 off the price of the car, then take into consideration the $7500 EV credit and whatever else you negotiate the price of the car down to. I know that some Audi dealers are discounting $1K to $2k off MSRP.

-2,800 for driver assist (Audi includes it now)
-3,000 Credit from Audi
-7,500 Tax credit

  • However much you can negotiated the price of the car down to.
    Total discounts roughly 13,300 ++++

Ok thanks. Audi website was being finicky for me I couldn’t locate any incentives for my region In the northeast. I did see up to 2500 rebate through my local power company.

Here is what my dealer told me as a first offer :slight_smile:

MSRP $82,930.00

Selling Price $75,163.00

Rebates $10,500.00

Selling Price after rebates $64663.00

Residual 36 50% at 12k per year

Money factor at 36 .00200

Drive off’s $2,888.54

- 1st payment 967.21

- doc fee $85.00

- Tax on rebate and drives $1,005.58

- lic / title $792.00

- tire/batt fee $8.75

- Dmv eff $30.00

Payment including tax at 9.5%

36m $967.21 OAC

Any thoughts?

Doesn’t look Too bad to me. Did you search on here to see what others have paid?

I did. It feels a bit high.
I’d be pretty damned interested near the 850-900 range on the monthly.

What state are you in? That’s the range I’ve seen some deals on here.

Depends: how badly do you want an e-tron?

Are you going to derive (deep breath) $34,819.16 of utility, enjoyment, and sales tax over the next 36 months?

shopping the etron myself
Based on the program numbers, I’m going to try 15% at my dealers to see if they want to give one away
No tax for nj residents


Well, there is enjoyment but I get a write off for business. Doesn’t mean I don’t want a good deal on it though :slight_smile:

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I wish it had more than 200 range. Euro modes received a small update to extend the range but not sure when models here will get that.

I didn’t know the 3k incentive was conquest. Thought it was just a lease incentive.

I too (more than most) love spending $1 to save $0.30. And I’m a tech dork. My arbitrary lease budget is $500/mo (I could afford quite a bit more but choose not to, and don’t think I’m depriving myself). If I was spending $1,000/mo it most likely would not be an etron, but that’s me.

Your leverage is in the MF - is that buy rate? AFS allows MSDs right?

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That is buy rate for the eTron, also AFS does allow MSDs.

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Thanks @DonnyAudi

So @throb here is the calculator link you could(should) have shared with us:

Basically $10k in refundable MSDs left with Audi for 3 years will save you $2,100 in rent over the lease. While you’re at it, roll everything in and your payment goes to $999/mo.

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Thank you and thank you @DonnyAudi for the useful info.
I should have done the calculator. My error for sure.
I am not 100% sold on this deal so I may just let it slide by.
The MF is not great as rates have been reduced everywhere.

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To quote Jimmy McMillan: the rent is too damn high. You’re paying 5.88% on 50% of an $83k rechargeable SUV. No thank you, none for me.

If I do the math it’s 4.8%. That lines up with the calculator also.
However that’s still too much.
I was meandering towards the Model X as a potential purchase with Section 179.
@DonnyAudi out of curiosity, does Audi negotiate on the MF much?

buy rate is buy rate. You’re only going to reduce it with MSDs. If the dealer is marking it up, you can negotiate it back down to buy rate, but that’s it.

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