2019 Audi e-tron: October 2020 Status

Hackrs! The Costco incentive is gone unless you obtained a code by Sept 30th.


Can anyone publish or say where we can find the 167 2019 etrons available? I’ll start the phone calls, but I am in Massachusetts (so I know it’s that much rarer of a unicorn here).

Audi Natick has the only one in MA



My dealership in CA has 3 prestiges in stock. And it qualifies for 12k lease cash. What kind of discount pre-incentives should I be aiming for? And is 24 month the best lease term?

With the virtually non-existent inventory- others have stated that it’s a challenge to get anything more than 10% Costco- if you can find one.

Good luck.

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Curious. Don’t have Costco. How much discount to expect?

It’s a challenge to get the dealers to give you 10% costco and the full marketing allowance.

Interesting …

Shouldn’t matter. My dealer never asked about costco.

It it weren’t a challenge we would not be calling it a hack. We would call it a sale.


I was motivated by your “challenge” and reached out even though I didn’t need another vehicle now.

I was determined to have you make another donation, but man I underestimated the difficulty.

Then you should forget the etron. Dealers don’t want to give 2% out of their own pockets apparently, seeing as all the “Costco plus X%” deals have dried up.

Why even give 3% to a non-Costco member when they can hold out for a Costco member (not exactly rare) and not give anything


They have a whole month to unload a few etrons with a program that doesn’t require loyalty. Opens up a new buyer pool.

What kind of rational person would co-sign for a boyfriend or girlfriend?


Just remember that Costco buyers had to have already gotten the code, much smaller pool than “all Costco members”

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No one but you’re overestimating the percentage of people that are actually rational.

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Good point.

And while technically true, I still have to wonder how many salespeople are aware of this technicality. They may well perceive their target market as “any Costco member.”

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I am confused… my dealer asked if i had “Costco” i said Yes. and he gave the discount… didn’t ask for any code or costco card or anything… how does this costco discount work anyways then ??

I picked up the etron with all the discounts already.

honestly thinking it was all a marketing gimmick - creating a sense of urgency among us buyers to buy the car at that discount . .meanwhile the dealer is the one who really controls the discounts to give without having to show Audi the proof of costco or loyalty anything…

so i still have the code in my email never used - if anyone wants - its yours… message me… thanks

All of my eTron unicorns required Costco Auto authorization code. The last one- I didn’t sign up for a 2nd code, but my sales person asked for my Costco number and he went thru a back channel to sign up for it on my behalf.

Just speculating, but I think it’s required if the dealership gives you additional discount up to 2% that Costco Auto will send to them.

If you get 10% off MSRP without any additional discount, not sure if there’s any dealer benefit that necessitate the authorization code.

When did you get you car ?