2019 Audi e-tron: October 2020 Status

Hey folks, for those of you still interested in grabbing one of the last remaining 2019 e-trons, this is the latest I found through Edmunds. These figures apply to the Prestige model in SoCal for a 24/10 lease, but I presume the net changes are similar for other lease terms/regions:

  • MF dropped from 0.00173 to 0.00134. Applying max MSDs brings down MF to 0.0089 (net positive)
  • RV dropped by 2% (net negative)
  • Market Allowance increased from $9.5K to $12K, but loyalty of $2K disappeared (net positive by $500 and allows people without loyalty to benefit from this incentive)
  • Lease cash remains at $7.5K (no change)

For people that qualified for the Costco discount (10% off MSRP) before September 30, 2020, which was extended to October 15, 2020, it appears that the conditions are still ripe for landing a good deal. It all depends on whether dealers are willing to offer additional discounts off MSRP given their limited inventory. Happy hunting!


Thanks for compiling this!

I don’t have loyalty so this sounds tempting now! How to get rid of an XC90? @vhooloo what price point you thinking?

I’m sure you know this but for others, you can only buyout the lease; no lease transfers with Volvo.

What would payments be on one of these ? I know dealer employees got them for free pre paid lease due to tax credit and there discount.

@Lv2000, please use the search function. There are plenty of deals reported over the last few months.


Thank you for this post . Currently there are
174 2019 etrons in the nation . 67 of them in California. The deals are definitely worse than September. Good luck finding a dealer who wants to give away their remaining 19s


Audi of Lancaster has 4 LOL.

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You’ve sold over 100 e-trons over the last two months Sam, which is remarkable, but you still have 5 in inventory. Aren’t you planning to move those before Costco is gone?


All my cars but one are spoken for !


Good info, thanks for compiling.

IMO the e-tron sweet spot was really 2-3 months ago when 2019 inventory was vast, all things considered. Nearly every Audi dealer near by had 15+ e-trons and were more willing to play ball!

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Omg. With no loyalty, I would have made a killing too. @ Senwia, 350 a month prestige please!??? You can do it.

Here is what I get with new numbers MF down to 0.00134, RV down 2% and marketing 12k, drum roll Low 300 assuming an aggressive dealer discount similar to August.


Positive side is this deal is better in the structure for everyone, not just Audi loyalists.

Negative side is there is no inventory. But unicorn will be landed, possibly sub 300. @navidg @senwia @trato @Alexmao11 @calbear start your engines push that etron start button which juices the motor!!!

299 with driveoffs for 24 months is not really much to ask for, is it?! It may possibly be for that purple one which was dropped from the forklift and fixed by Jim Bob in the back lot but never titled


Is this with Costco?

I agree. Good luck finding a 2019 etron right now. But if you do, it could be nice.

I am giving them a call now.

I think this is too early. LOL

One can dream but @Samaudibh is right, the dealers are not giving them away, they are holding on to them.

The 12K incentive is for Prestige. PP is probably 2K less.