2019 Audi A5 Sportback - Am I far off my logic for price?

Hey all - It’s my first time negotiating a lease, so I want to make sure I’m not using incorrect logic that is unreasonable and will result in me getting nowhere with dealers.

I’m in the market for a new 2019 Audi A5 Sportback Premium Plus with options (MSRP ~$52,500). According to Edmunds, there is a $6,250 dealer market allowance in my area (that was in April, it looks like it went up to $7,250 in May).

I received a quote from a dealer for a total discount of $8,700 (sale price ~$43,800). Based on the April dealer market allowance, it seems like the dealer discount is only $2,450 (less than 5% of MSRP). I countered with a 14% dealer discount and the dealership said I’m way off and that the $8,700 is the best they can do.

Does the large dealer market allowance for last year models affect the dealer discount I should be aiming for? I saw a recent post where people said favorable things about a deal with 13.2% dealer discount before a $3K incentive at the time. Other recent 2019 A5 posts with <10% dealer discount thought there was room to negotiate.

I guess what I’m trying to understand is whether I’m way far off being reasonable by expecting 10-15% dealer discount off of MSRP in addition to the substantial dealer marketing allowances being given today for the 2019 model? Trying to understand if this dealership is just being conservative (which I understand given the times) or if I’m misreading what I should be hunting for.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Dealer marketing allowance and pre-incentive discount are not related to each other. They’re independent variables.

Thanks! This makes sense based on the other threads I’ve read. This makes me feel like this dealer is a bit conservative given the high dealer marketing allowance relative to total discount (thus low dealer discount) and there is a lot of slack left in the price.

Just FYI, the allowance went up $1k, but the MF jumped sky high too. This months program overall is much worse than last months.

Yes, I saw the change in the MF too. I did the quick math with the Leasehackr calculator and net it looks like it adds $30/month when you factor in the new MF and incentives. As much as I love the A5 styling it might not be the right time to lease with the updated May numbers.

Find another dealer that will play ball. Good luck.

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They’re $3k too high.