2019 Audi A4 Sport & Black optic package


Looking to hear thoughts on these numbers - I appreciate any info.

New Jersey
15,000 miles
39 Months
3000 down payment
539 per month
MSRP - 52,500

They also offered to cover my last two payments on my current lease (482$) - not sure if this changes anything.

On the upshot, you’re doing better than this guy.

I just wrote an entry in that thread – go read it. You need more numbers from the dealer, to check them against Edmunds, to search the forum for similar deals, etc.

I find Audi deals to be way too high but this may prove ok given Audi pricing, discounts, money factors, residual values, incentives, etc. For me, I wouldn’t want to pay over $615 (effective) per month for 39 months for an A4. For the price, or for less, you could do better IMHO.

Look through the forums for competitive deals. Or consider a broker like @nextlevelautobrokers or @nyclife. They’ll do the work for you and save you time and $$$ in the process.

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This enroaching on S4 territory…

Too high…yea a few more dollaroos will get you an S4