Is this a terrible deal? 2019 Audi S4

Hey Everyone,

I’m pretty new at this so I apologize if I’m missing any information. I have been in touch with several sales reps from multiple dealers in New Jersey. I am trying to lease a premium plus Audi S4. I need 15k miles just due to how much I drive in a year. This is the lowest quote I got:

15,000 miles
39 Months
3048 out of pocket
733 per month

I’m not really sure how to get the rep any lower. The MSRP for the car I’m looking at is $61,445. I know that my payments are going to be higher because of my mileage, but does anyone know her to get her down a bit? I feel like $733 is still high. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

we would need more information like the Money Factor, Residual, Sale Price etc. However, based on current info provided, I’d say its not a great deal. The 3048 out of pocket is that a down payment or upfront fees?

I replied to the sales rep asking her all of that info. I’ll keep you posted, thanks.

Safe to say that nearly $800/month (after that DAS is rolled in) for an S4 is terrible.

Where were you last week when Audi dealers were very aggressive?

That’s what I thought too… but I’ve been going back and forth with the sales rep for nearly two weeks. I don’t know how to get her down anymore. Also, she told me that new programs start today and she will get me the residual/monetary factor and other details once they are out, because they may have changed.

Might be time to get a broker. nyclife is one and well respected and he is in your area.

Just got some more information. She attached this spreadsheet:

You can for sure find a better deal =p

Numbers could have changed for S4 P+ since last month, but last month it was a 56% residual for a 36 month lease term. This lease sheet says 48%. Even the Prestige trim is about 52% for a 39 lease term and P+ usually fairs better on the RV than Prestige.

The RV needs to be correct; did it really drop 8 points since last month? The MF stayed the same…

That’s a low MF and they’re only giving you an 8% dealer discount. They also tacked on 300 dollars for etching and what’s the “SUPP.” line? All in all, these numbers seem very bad.

If the RV is really that low, you should tell the dealer they should give more dealer discount to make up for the significant drop in RV… though I still don’t believe it should be 48 percent. I’m also not an insider at Audi Financial.

Adding Audicare will increase the RV by 1 point, but add maybe 11 to 15 dollars a month. If you’re looking at 39 month lease, you may benefit from Audicare.

I thought 48% was pretty low as well. Thank you for bringing up the point involving SUPP and etching, I will definitely bring that up to her and see what she says.

When do you plan to take delivery on a new lease?

The etching can easily be done away with, just don’t know what SUPP is? If it’s a legitimate cost then so be it…

The RV thing would need addressing since the contract would not be funded if it was wrong, which would be a silly thing for the dealer to mess up on.

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You need a better sells price that’s a terrible deal.

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Thanks. Do you think I should bring up the MF and low dealer discount? Do you think 8% is particularly low for an S4?

8% is terribly low for an S4. You need a much bigger discount on the S4. Shoot for close to 12%. Even if they settle for halfway in between… 10% is a lot better than 8%.

Also, the MF is low and that’s a GOOD thing. The lower the MF, the lower the interest rate. Right now it’s a 1.44% APR equivalent which is really low. So don’t question that. It’s fine.

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Thank you! I’ll bring up those points to her and keep you guys posted. Thank god I checked out this site before accepting any sort of deal with this lady.

From the salesperson:
"My boss did the etch. You don’t have to do that. The residuals are from AUDI not us. And the supplemental title tax is a New Jersey tax for anything that’s over $45,000 gets a supplemental title tax of .004%. you do live in New Jersey correct? But we are too far apart on the selling price.

The only other offer they are doing is if you I think I have a Honda Ford or possibly a Toyota I’d have to check in your household where they’ll give you another $500 for conquest but I don’t have the details on which cars because I’m in the car but that won’t make much of a difference."

So I suppose she’s saying the 48% residual is direct from Audi? Hard to believe.

It would make sense if it came from Audi since it would need to be approved by Audi Financial… I still can’t believe Audi considers the S4 residual that low… have you considered shopping the quote around to other dealer ships?

the residual is correct at 15k miles.

I forgot it was 15k miles. Makes a lot more sense.