2019 Acura MDX SH-AWD with Tech

How does this deal look?

Ok so incentives are 8500 I believe. If you were able to get 10% off before incentives you’d be at 38565, then add in another 1k discount for loyalty/conquest (if applicable). Not sure 10% is totally feasible but I think you can get closer. Also add in 1k for loyalty/conquest. Also noticed you are showing .00225 for MF is that buy rate? I see .00215 floating around on Edmunds.

It’s pretty good. Big discount and actually better than a good MDX deal one posted in marketplace recently once you consider you don’t qualify for loyalty rebate.

I’d say you aren’t going to do much better than this unless you can add a loyalty rebate.

.00215 is for returning honda/acura lessees only. .00225 for everyone else.


Aspec1, a Acura broker/dealer is using .00225 as a MF so I think that’s the right number. I also don’t believe Acura/Honda let’s dealers mark up MF but I may be mistaken.

Gotcha saw both floating around, good to know about the slightly lower MF for returning Acura customers.

I don’t qualify for any other incentives. Yes, .00225 is because I’m not a current Acura lessee. The deal seems to be the best I can do in VA because it is one of the rare states that makes you pay sales tax on the entire sales price.

When I spoke to a local dealer he also said loyalist get .00215 while new owners get .00225

so about additional $200 saved (by changing MF in the leasehackr link)

Thanks! I feel good then! I told Aspec1 that I’d lease from him if I could not find a similar deal near me. Ivan has been wonderful, and I’m so glad he is a straight shooter and participates on this board. If anyone in the DC metro area is looking for the same deal or similar for other packages, I’d be happy to share the internet manager I’ve worked this out with.

Dealers Actually can mark up the MF but whats the point of doing that youll lose a customer when a dealer doesnt mark it up lol

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Hopefully you could find something near you without having to make the trip up but for the most part up in the northeast you’ll get the best deals. Make sure they don’t play games with you over there. Dealers are notorious for hitting you right when your about to sign for the first month payment on top of everything else or something to make up for their loses. until your driving away with the car just be ready to stand up and leave even on the last minute. I had to do that personally when I was looking for a car for a family member and its very frustrating.


It’s always nice to support dealers on this site but I believe aspec1 is in New Rochelle NY. If you are so inclined to go up there by all means do so. If not, Id recommend Radley Acura in Falls Church.

Where are the numbers you posted in the first thread from? Is that a local dealership or someone out of town?

These numbers are from Karen Radley in Woodbridge. I had a very bitter experience with Radley in Falls Church and would not recommend them. As Aspec1 commented about pitfalls at some dealerships, Radley in FC was game playing and the sales manager did not react professionally when I told him that I was not interested in that type of negotiation with them. Despite knowing I was shopping around, he gave me his “best price” at $3K more than the other prices I had, and told me it was a “hairy deal” for him at that price. When I mentioned it was the most $$, in the next breath he dropped the price, but refused to give me numbers to determine what the DAS would be. Instead he gave me a ridiculously high monthly rate, so I knew he was going to try something like what Aspec1 mentioned. Karen Radley was the complete opposite–no haggling, a bona fide lease offer from the get-go and the way an “internet” leasing or buying experience should be in my view. I don’t know if these 2 dealerships were connected at some point or started by the same family, but they operate independently now–which has certainly been in my favor. Not sure if I can post the contact publicly at the dealership, but happy to send that by PM.

Someone else just got one today:

Car dealerships are like airlines, experiences vary wildly. I certainly have had terrible experiences at dealerships that others have raved about.

For reference, both dealerships are owned by the same company (RADLEY MANAGEMENT LLC). I really think it just comes down to the sales manager and salesman you happened to get. So reward the ones that treated you right.

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Thanks for that info about their ownership structure. Yes, I am really glad to have reached out to the other dealership and patronize them for how well they have treated me, and hope to continue with them for future leases.