2019 Acura MDX SH-AWD w/ Tech Package

15k/36 month with rim/tire coverage
MSRP: 52,695
Rebate: 8500
Dealer Discount: 3441 (6.5% discount)
MF: 0.00215
Adjusted Cap Cost: 40,754
Due at Signing: 597 (1 st monthly payment)
Monthly payment: 597
Lease Calculator Link: Acura MDX SH AWD with Tech Package

Any thoughts? From what I have seen, it is good to aim between 5-7% off msrp prior to rebates (achieved). Dealer states there is no more room any additional discounts.

I had two different dealers in NJ offer a 10% discount before incentives, without too much haggling. See the top post here for calculator link

YMMV depending on where you are.

Thanks! I do appreciate the input. and your calcualtor link. I think its just tough my state as we only have 2 Acura dealers.