Evaluate my lease please: Atlas V6 SEL AWD

I get that the Atlas isn’t the greatest lease value out there, but it feels like the car is a good fit for my family right now. This was what I was able to get to after getting multiple quotes and negotiating some (I’m a first time leaser).

I’m open to alternate car suggestions for this lease cost; though I did consider:

  • XC90 - Can’t really get T6 to work out to similar numbers
  • MDX - Bit smaller than the atlas, Advance might work out a bit more expensive than Atlas SEL
  • QX60 - Ancient interiors and tech, but best lease numbers by far

Reached out to some MDX dealers, higher incentives, dealers willing to play ball, means higher MSRP vehicle leases for cheaper. still undecided between the two vehicles.

^ sale price includes 8500 manufacturer incentive

Looks like the MF is buyrate, so you need to work on the selling price. I negotiated 10.1% dealer discount before incentives on a VW Atlas SE w/Tech 4Motion, and that wasn’t the best value, but was chosen due to color preference.

Here is the price analysis on the vehicle below with the same MSRP in your area. The dealer’s price includes a $1,250 rebate, so backing that out there listed price is $41,732 / $46,494 = 10.24% dealer discount.

Bottom line - keep pushing for a better discount.


Definitely need 10% off before any lease cash/rebates, double check those on edmunds.

Thanks for that @AB_hackr . I’m currently at 7.3% dealer discount off MSRP ( + another 5.1% dealer cash incentive) which looks similar to the deal you posted at the top of your linked thread. But the second one that you directly linked to has a better dealer discount, I have about 3% worth of work to do.

Any negotiating tips? Do I just keep low-balling different dealers until one of them bites?

Thanks @joeblogs I did get numbers off of edmunds, I’m currently at 7.3% dealer discount before lease cash. Still have a little bit to go I suppose.

Oh and another question, from your linked post, how is the dealer able to sell that much below invoice? I thought invoice - factory incentives is what they had to sell at to break even.

See if you or your spouse qualify for partner program through your employer, that’s worth another $500 off

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Unless you really need the room I would go for xc90. I own a 2018 atlas sel and bought it with 8percent discount when demand was high and supply was low. I think with that amount of payment i would go get a xc90. Atlas are big and nice but not luxurious as the volvo.

If only I hadn’t missed Costco last month. They’re turning out a bit more expensive right now. I maybe able to get the lower end trims to work, but those 4 cylinder engines seem weak.

I bought an Atlas SEL with an MSRP of 45099 for 39587 in April (there were no rebates at the time that I was aware of). I agree with the posts that suggest that you should seek a bigger discount, especially if a rebate is in play.

I usually play local dealers off each other, but I was able to get the above price using Truecar.

@foragerr yup target 10% off MSRP before incentives. Here’s what I got last month but on an SE. https://leasehackr.com/calculator?make=Volkswagen&miles=15000&msd=0&msrp=41810&sales_price=33750&months=36&mf=.00138&dp=0&dealer_fee=85&acq_fee=675&taxed_inc=0&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=53&reg_fee=500&sales_tax=9.5&demo_mileage=0&memo&monthlyTax_radio=true

I got 10.4% off MSRP before the incentives. Most SUV’s are not hackr friendly but I needed this vehicle and I think Atlas is the best SUV to lease when it comes to money over substance you get.

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Where in NJ are you and how many dealerships have you contacted? I think you should be contacting lots of dealerships in PA.

Go here and get zip codes of various dealerships and then plug them into truecar.com : https://www.vw.com/find-a-dealer/

Have you tried plugging in a bunch of zip codes into Truecar.com ? That was my strategy and it worked out pretty well. This way the dealers are aware that you’re shopping online and getting multiple quotes - they should want to play ball. Here are the major points I make when asking for a deal via email:

  1. “I’ve already driven the car locally and love it, but the pricing was horrible, so I’m expanding my search area” - dealerships want to know that you’re on the right car before spending time desking a deal to get you to come in. I think they’re also happy to know that you’re not just going to shop their quote back to your local dealer because the local dealer left a bad taste in your mouth.

  2. “I’m ready to take delivery of this car in the next 2-3 days.” Dealers want to know that they aren’t desking deals months ahead of time - they may be compelled to make a nice offer to move a vehicle quickly, especially at the end of the month, if they’re short of their goals.

  3. “I’m interested in a lease on stock #xxxxx for 36 months and 12k/year”. Giving them a specific stock # and terms reduces the work that they have to do digging through their inventory for something that fits your needs. The more legwork you do for them, the easier it is for them to say yes. You want to make this a zero effort sale on their part - all they have to do is meet your terms…no test drive, no explanations of features, you’re just a quick in and out sale.

When I get a response, I thank them for their response, but tell them that I already have a quote that’s more competitive. However, I tell them that they have my 1st choice color and that the other deal is my 2nd choice, so I’d be happy to take the drive if they can match the deal on the 2nd choice color.

Here’s what I sent after I got an initial quote from a general manager - prior to this, I wrote up a quote that included the discount broken between dealer discount and incentives, the MF, and the residual so that he knew that I was an educated leaser:

"Here’s where I’m at - $482/month with delivery built in on a 39/15k lease - MSRP $42,885 - due at signing (1st month, doc fee, registration/temp plates). I know this an strong offer, but it’s on my second choice of color. I wanted to give you a chance to earn my business. Can you match this?

My # is (XXX) XXX-XXXX if you can make this work."

The answer was:

“Thank you for the offer. We are willing to match the payment at $482/mo. for 39 months with 15,000 miles per year with 1st payment, plate and doc. fee due @ signing with approved credit.”


I haven’t seen any XC90 deals close to an Atlas payment, they seem to be $500 to $600 range with money down and msd’s

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“Invoices” have tightened with MSRP. This was due to consumers using KBB, Edmunds and demanding to buy at a couple hundred over invoice. The unknowning consumer feels they put one over on the dealer and the dealer makes thousands on the transaction.

Every dealer in SoFla would love to sell for a few hundred over the invoice - that they are more than happy to show you to prove they are offering you a deal at a loss and can barely cover the bills – which should tell you something :slight_smile:

The true dealer breakeven is often thousands below that number with holdbacks and non disclosed factory to dealer incentives. Especially during end of year when you are buying a soon to be model year old car (June-Dec). This isn’t always the case, but there is a reason that, without much effort, I was getting quoted 3-4K off MSRP on nearly every model in the compact segement I looked at this month.

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Woah, those are some excellent pointers. Great write up, thanks for taking the time to put it all down, definitely using some of those rightaway!

T6 volvo 4cy only has 40 hp and 30 ft lbs more than the vw V6. Because of the difference in incentives, it’s not unusual for the T6 to lease about the same as the T5.

Glad you found them helpful…let us know how things are going before you sign. I think it’s always good form to give your local dealer one last shot to beat an out of town deal.

I briefly put the atlas on hold and started pursuing MDX dealers, looks like there are some good incentives plus I’m able to talk dealers down to 10% discount, which means a higher MSRP vehicle is leasing for lesser. Now if I can just make up my mind about which vehicle I really want…

The MDX is smaller and it has a ridiculously tiny sunroof. Its however peppier to drive and feels more luxurious. decisions decision.

Q: is tax upfront treated as a capital cost reduction?
(Wasn’t sure if I should start a new topic for this)

You should be able to talk down a significantly larger discount than 10% on an MDX. The ~$8500 incentive on the MDX is direct to dealers, so you don’t see it, but it allows them to go way deeper in the discount. At 10% off, they’re making a ton of money.

Check out this thread for pricing comparison:

Thanks @mllcb42 I should’ve been clearer, I’m at 10% before incentives, taking a further 8500 down and another 1000 conquest rebate, I’m at about 28% below MSRP on my current best offer. They do have some atrocious dealer fees.

^ selling price includes dealer discount and 8500 rebate