2019 Accord Sport 1.5T Lease Insight

I’ve been getting some quotes and the lowest I’ve gotten so far was $277, 12K/36Months, with 2000 dollar down which includes first month. That includes $750 loyalty. I have good credit 720+. It seems high to me, and many places keep complaining that Honda Lease Cash isn’t what it used to be. I’m currently leasing a 2016 EX with 15K/36Month for $230 a month( I thought it was a pretty good deal at that time) and that was with 2K down which includes first month. So the prices I’m hearing today seem like a massive jump from three years ago. Can someone give me some insight on what a current competitive lease would be for the Sport or EX?

Here’s a couple recent examples from NY…

Yeah I saw that. But when I told one dealer those numbers they responded with “lol”.I guess I’ll keep calling.

You better contact more than 1 dealer if you expect a deal. If you’re looking for great deal…you better be willing to travel as well.

How many dealers are you dealing with at the moment?

Those numbers are just way way to high for a 1.5 sport.

@Traderx no offense but I feel like if anyone posts an Accord deal it’s nowhere going to be even close to beating your deal since your deal was the cheapest 10th gen Accord lease of all time… lol

Just busting your chops pal :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

OP, you really set on a Honda? SUPRISE, they don’t lease well currently. If you still want one, you’ll have to come to the Garden state if you want a better deal or travel off of LI, like others have said.


Just got an offer for accord sport for $269 $750 down. I’ll call around but I’m content with that at this point.

How does $269 with $750 down sound? Way better than my previous offer but I’m wondering if I can squeeze it down a bit lower realistically. She said that’s the lowest she can think of anyone giving.

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Have you done your homework? Meaning have you gone on Edmunds to confirm the residual, MF and rebates?

Have you gotten a deal sheet with all the specifics ? I haven’t shopped the Accord lately but you really need to have all the ammo before making an informed decision .

Also, make sure if that includes all taxes and fees.

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Yeah his deal represents the tippy top of the unicorns horn. Also many months ago and with a different model year. Just not relevant here.

As you said, this car just doesn’t lease well, mainly cause the residual is super conservative. Without knowing all the details it’s impossible to say for sure but I’d guess there isn’t that much more meat on the bone. If you really want this car I’d get the sales price down as low as possible and then run numbers leasing versus buying (with projected 3 year resale). My guess would be they are close with buying a little cheaper over 3 years if you don’t get in an accident and leasing cheaper if you do.

Also, I’d second thebigtuna’s point about considering other cars. I ended up buying an Accord cause backseat space for a carseat was paramount with VA’s annual car tax a secondary concern. But I’d have gone a different direction and leased a different vehicle absent those two factors. However, I do very much like my Accord and assuming I don’t get in an accident expect to get out of the transaction with a pretty low monthly cost.

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Just did. Thanks a lot for your insight. I usually just get a bunch of quotes and try to have dealers beat each other. But this seems way more logical when you’re actually informed about those specific numbers.

Do you mind sharing the dealer?


I like these Honda posts on leases, even though they don’t make the 1.5 touring I’m just wowed by some of these other Honda leases even 7 months later, you would think they would have put on some heavier incentives by now…I’m actually worried that in 2 and a half years when my lease is up I’m going to have a very tough time. If anything I’ll extend my lease on the 1.5 touring and wait it out until I can get the lease I want. I never thought I would get the deal I got. And to be honest I didn’t try as hard to get that deal as I thought it would take.

That number is looking a bit sweeter. How many miles?

But probably increases the chances of you having equity at the end of your current lease if you want to look at the bright side.

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