2019 Accord Sport 1.5t

Is this a good deal?

$27.1k MSRP
15.8k residual
Mf 5.6%, told this is the same across all of Honda
$1k down
$500 recent grad credit
36k/36 months

LX was 0.00118 for MF. Check forums on Edmunds to confirm MF and RV for your trim and zip code

$1k due at signing or down payment?

I checked edmunds, the APR and residual looks about right for my area. And yes the $1k is a downpayment

What’s the total Due at signing then?

According to the dealer, $1k due at signing everything else is included in the monthly payment. No extra fees

On the surface it’s looks decent for the usually dab programs for Honda’s.
Do you have worksheet from the dealership to look over?
Should check it for extra fees like vin etching or nitrogen filled tires.

Nothing written out in contract yet so I’ll hold my breath. I’ll make sure to vet the contract for any fees like that

If you are talking contract that’s already time at dealership. Before seeing contract ask them to Print out deal screen. It should have all the numbers you would need to know theoretically.
That’s even before filling out credit app.
No deal worksheet = no credit app:)

So I now have two dealers. One is offering $275 a month, total payment upfront is $1k. But I have to give them a deposit for them to order the car in the color I want.

The other has offered the $285/mo $1k down total, car in stock. Or $275/mo $1275 down total.

Is the potential there to get jerked around after they order the car? Could they say something like oh delivery was more than we expected now it’s $290/mo?

Just two? Did you reach out to only two?

Don’t fall for a deposit BS. This is a mass produce car and there’s plenty of them around:)

Just go in their website and see what they have in stock:) They aren’t going to “order” custom made Accord Sport just for you:)

$300+ for a 1.5

No thanks.

I’m waiting to hear back from 1 more dealer. I originally told them $270/mo was the price to beat and they seemed taken back by that number

What would you say is a fair deal? Or what car is a better deal?

I got a 19 Sport 1.5t for $285 (including tax & tinted windows) 36/15k 0 down and only 1st months due at signing. Expand your search. 2 is not enough. This is my 1st lease and I feel like I did the best I could as Hondas don’t lease well. I contacted about 8 Honda dealers in a 60 mile radius… Is your quote including tax? Good luck.

How many dealers are you shopping?

I think if you spread your search and really go at it you could do $260-$270 with only first Month out of pocket. Are you coming out of a previous lease?

That’s a good deal considering the 15k miles. I think with 12k he could get $260-$270
10k miles maybe even $250 if you can really work them!!

I believe he can achieve it as well. Florida is a bit tough from what I’ve seen out here. I was originally being offered some deals between $355 - $400 which is nuts for a 1.5t.

Too much for a cloth base car, I’d want some fake leather and heated seats for $275(or go find a BMW…I heard they lease cheap)

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I know this isn’t an accord but it does have a turbo, pleather and butt heaters

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Yea fake leather and heated seats should be standard in most cars these days! I had the sport Honda Accord where it was cloth center of the seat and fake leather on the sides, no heated seats …then Honda released the “special addition” …but for the new generation sport they haven’t put that option out there yet.