2018 VW Tiguan SE w/Sunroof - $295 inc. tax

Purchased from Stevens Creek SJ dealership, mitigated by Arkady from “personal car shopper”.
Bear in mind that I’ve got 0 credit history/score (I’m only 2 month in the U.S.) so the deal ain’t the best… I hope it ain’t the worst either.
I hope this information will help other people that are in a same situation like me, and are in the market.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2018 VW Tiguan SE w/Sunroof package]

MSRP: [$28,850]
Selling Price: [$25,890] (10% off MSRP)
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: 0.001
Residual: 17613 (61%)

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: $1,500 (includes 1st month payment)
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $295
PCS service price: $500

Zip Code: 95014
Sales Tax Rate: 9.5%

Leasehackr Score: 7.8

I contemplated a lot between the Tiguan, CX5, Tuscon and Niro (yeah, I’m aware that this might see a bit “all over the place” :slight_smile: )

The Tiguan’s virtues are: 3rd row & best practicality of the bunch, best interior (IMO), nice infotainment, German built, 2nd best looks IMO (after the CX5), 6-year warranty (can be nice if I eventually decide to keep the car)

The Tiguan’s downsides: worst fuel efficiency, German service costs, no memory seats

The don’t cares: “fun to drive” - in my perspective they are all ‘meh’ so for us it doesn’t matter, this is a people-carrier and will be used by my wife. For pleasure we got the ND RF “Miata”.

I think given the circumstances, you did just fine.

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Nice job, and welcome to the States!


Funny i tried to inquire about lease pricing from the same dealership Stevens Creek SJ and this is what they quoted me for for a 2018 Tiguan Se FWD

On 36 months
MSRP $28,355
$289 plus tax estimate (OAC)
Down payment $3,985 Exclude tax, dmv and fees

You perhaps got that deal because it was through PCS.

A year passed by.
We’re super happy with the car, I’ve got more hands-on experience with other sub-compact SUVs, and I firmly believe that the Tiguan is the best in its class (considering my preferences).

We’ve been averaging ~28MPG, so fuel economy ain’t that bad - considering the size.
We’ve used it for a road trip for 5 adults + luggage, carried it all like a champ.
3rd row have been used several times for “emergency” situations (6-7 people).
Multimedia system is working great with Android Auto.

I’ve moved to Texas, so the car payment have been reduced to $270/mo.

I definitely recommend this car for people who are interested in an SUV.


How did your payment go down by moving to TX? Thanks!

I just got off the phone with a nearby dealer with the deal below, please let me know if should jump on this, thanks!!

2019 Tiguan SE (w/ Panoramic Sunroof)
MSRP: $30,389
Sell Price: $25,300
Payments: $262.61
Down: $1,500 (includes 1st Mon.)

Months: 39
Mileage: 12K
MF: 0.00066
Residual: 54% ($16,410)

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this looks like a good deal, to me at least.

I’ve got no idea why my payments went down by moving to TX, didn’t bother to ask since… Well, I’m satisfied with it :slight_smile:

What state is this in?

Id like to know as well.

I’m in PA and just got quoted the following tonight.

19’ SE w/ sunroof. No third row.

MSRP: $30,389
Sale: $26,548
MP: $356 all in with taxes.
Residual: $16,546

Zero down, zero drive off.

Thoughts? I’m thinking i can get sub $330/320

Original deal was in MA but then dealer tried to change the deal by removing the $500 partner program saying Uber wouldn’t qualify even though other dealers had no problem with adding it since I wouldn’t be using the car to Uber.

It still beats the best deal I have so far for NY though:

MSRP: $30,389
Sale: $26,122
MP: $297 with taxes + ($1,500 down)
Residual: $16,410

12K Miles

Which is pretty similar to yours in PA

I’m looking to move to TX next year so hopefully mine goes down too lol

just wait until you get hit with the 6.25% tax on full sales price

Just leased.

2019 SE w/ panoramic sunroof.
$339 all in. 39m/12k
$0 DAS

Mexican built

Frost17 what dealer?

I just leased two days ago with dealer in upstate NY.

2019 Tiguan SE w/ Panoramic Sunroof

MSRP: $30,389
Sell Price: $25,350 (w/ Partner Program)
Residual: $16,410
MF: 0.00066
39 Month / 12K Miles

$295.44/ Month with $500 DAS (VW covered 1st Month)

Total lease cost: $11,727

I think this is a great deal, they even told me they’re losing about $2,600 on the sale but they needed it for the month! I was even able to get the white silver exterior color with gray interior which there aren’t too many around so they got the car from MA which is where I was originally shopping around lol.

Does it have 4motion?

Great deal, Mo!

I’m looking for the same car in MA/RI area. Saw your post about a deal you were considering in Braintree, MA. Did that totally fall apart or did the NY dealership just make more sense for you? Wondering if I should reach out to them with a similar offer.


Yeah it does!