2018 VW Tiguan has hit the dealers

I just got an email from a dealer saying they had their first shipment. I have asked for the MF and residual if they have them. Waiting to hear back.

Could be a good option for those looking for a smaller 7 seater. Guess it depends very much on the lease deals. Will also help those negotiating on the 2017 model. I expect August’s incentives to be good on the old model as they clear showrooms for the 2018 and the 2018 Limited (The old model with a new name and options).

Horse power, mate. Remember? :slight_smile:

Yeah, but the Rogue is very under powered too. And some people don’t care about Horse Power, like me, it never came into my thinking when I got my 707hp Hellcat ;). I got it because of the gas miles and cheap insurance!

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When you drive 7 people in under-200 hp Tiguan you will care :wink:
I know how it feels to drive a loaded 174 hp Forester from Home Depot

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Too bad we aren’t getting the Euro short wheelbase version with the GTI engine. This just looks like a slow boring box.

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Dealer said no lease numbers until August 1st.

That’s one really strange decision. Why would you make a 7-seater out of Tiguan in the first place and then underpower it?

Emissions I believe , but yes you are right. Very very strange decision. You would think they would offer more than one engine choice as well.

More than anything, I’m curious to know why in the world they made Tiguan a 7-seater? I can’t imagine 7 people in a small SUV. They have Atlas for that.

I would have had one had the engine been better. I am not sure it is slow because it has 7 seats but I guess they gave us the Chinese LWB version so they could accommodate that. I think you will see lots of smaller suv’s getting 7 seats. The Nissan Rogue is quite a unique proposition on that front but I am sure it does not account for much of the sales.

Given the choice, my wife would have preferred a smaller car with 7 seats, she just could not come to terms with the basic interior on the Rogue SV.

is this a euro version? https://i.groupme.com/1600x1032.jpeg.f932c6cd635042ba81d2c8f39abe9f66

really like that one but when you goto build one on the vw site it looks more like a generic suv rather than a sportyish crossover

Well many forget that the rogue is also a 7 seater

yep isn’t it pretty sweet?
We get the lame ass boring box with the underpowered engine.
Glad I chose the new cx-5 for the wife’s kid hauled instead of waiting around for this.

Except it has more technology and safety features than the CX-5, which is why I’m waiting out to see what the numbers look like. If that falls through, the Forester is my backup.

Also, if you don’t need 7 seats then why bother with the Tiguan? You are lugging around extra weight and there is nothing to suggest it has a better safety record than the Kia Sportage which is 240hp and has a fantastic interior.

German engineering :slight_smile:

The 2018 Tiguan 4motion comes with 5 seats and a $500 option to add the 3rd row. The FWD models come with the 3rd row standard.

It also looks cool…

Yes, I know, but really it just seems to make little sense going for that one without the 7 seats. It can be useful having them. I don’t know. I can’t see it leasing well to start with, just look at the Atlas.

What is German engineering these days? Over complicated navigation interfaces and speakers that play engine noise into the car! I have had a long line of BMW M cars and Audi RS cars and they are nice, but I do feel they are slightly over engineered now and have lost some soul. Is a Kia less reliable or less safe than a VW?

Make sure you select 2018, it shows 2017 by default.