2018 VW Golf S Lease ($280/Mo $1000 down) in March 2019 (CA). Good deal?

Hi, I went to a SoCal dealership today and negotiated the following on a 2018 Golf S:

2018 Golf S / MSRP $22,010 / 39 Month Lease / 24,375 miles total / Service not included / $1000 down - $280 INCLUDING tax

(The $0 down lease special is currently going on here in Southern California on most 2019 models. Advertised: 2019 Golf S: MSRP $23,840 / 39 Months / 32,500 total miles / $289/mo EXCL. tax / $0 down payment.)

Is this a good deal?


Jettas lease much better. Unless you are hooked on Golf.

I prefer the Golf, yes. I’m thinking they can do better than this comparing it to the incentive going on the 2019 models.

This is Golf GTI S or even GTI Rabbit money.

PLEASE send me the details of where one could find a GTI for $280!?


I was thinking the same thing; I’ve yet to see a GTI dip to those kinds of numbers. Most people are seeing mid 300s for base GTIs.

To the OP: TBH with some numbers missing (what does the down payment cover? What’s the residual / MF?) I’m inclined to believe the 2019 deal is better overall.

More details would help (selling price, MF).

Also, do you really only drive ~650 mi/mo? And do you want the safety tech that come standard on the 2019 S (which does NOT come standard on the 2018, AFAIK).

I personally don’t think either of these are great when people are getting stripped BMW loaners for that amount or a little more (whether you can still find any in stock is a totally diff issue, of course)… And I say this as someone who drives (bought) a Golf Sportwagen…

also check here:

You could lease an X2 for that much, golf’s just don’t lease well. Tiguan better too, better off buying a golf