2018 Volkswagen Atlas SEL 4MOTION 36/12k $504 per month looking for feedback

Hello guys looking for your feedback on this deal I just got from a local Dealership in northen NJ
2018 Volkswagen Atlas 4MOTION with R line package
MSRP: $46,860
Selling Price: $43,250 (6% off MSRP)
Money factor: .00090
Residual value: 54%
Cash due at signing $2799
Bank fee: $675
DMV: $370
Sales tax: $1250 (New Jersey)
First monthly payment: $504

You will be paying the price of Mercedes Benz GLC for a VW. I am all for VW, I have one myself, but it shouldn’t cost an equivalent of MB. It should cost half as much.
I know Atlas is a big SUV, but why pay so much for VW? You should not pay more than $380/mo for it, with $0.00 DAS, especially in NJ where you pay only partial taxes for amount of depreciation.

Good luck!

You’re effectively at ~$575/month…wow

Agree with above. Did you drive one ? Did you like the spartan interior? Have you seen the reliability complaints ? All that steered me away. Look for a Volvo XC90 loaner or ask people like Benedetto for help. Also, Infiniti QX60 leases well, but some people consider interior dated or dont’ like the big fish esthetic (me).

Yes I agree and the dealership is not willing to give a bigger discount on the car. GLC is nice but, I am looking for a third row SUV.

Find another dealer, VW’s are the volume European dealership, nothing special about them or their dealer experience.

Have not driven the car yet. Do like the interior and, I was not aware of the reliability complains. I would love to get the XC90 but, I think it will be out of my price range. I’ve seen really good deals on the QX60 but, just like you I think the interior is dated too.

Yes I was hopping to get a bigger discount.

With new 6 year 72,000 miles warranty reliability shouldn’t be an issue, especially if you plan to lease it for only 3 years (not buying at the end of the lease term). Just take it to dealership for minor repairs or get a roadside assistance if you have a major problem (I don’t think you will be stuck with new VW on a highway, but in case you do you will have a warranty and RA).

VW’s are relatively easy to deal with. Just Google several dealerships in your vicinity and talk to sales managers at each one. Make them aware that you are shopping for a car and comparing the prices, and ask for the very best deal they can offer. Don’t fall for “come and test drive one” mantra. Say “No, I won’t come anywhere unless I get a quote from you”. Then tell us here what offer you have got.

Good luck!


Did you ever get anywhere with this Atlas? I’m looking at the 2.0T SE, so I’m trying to track down some payments to compare it to.

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I saw that, but I’m on the other coast so it’s a bit different out here.

Shouldn’t be completely different, have you posted to edmunds up confirm the incentives, MF?

I thought I did but I don’t see that I have it saved anywhere. I’ve been looking at so many cars, maybe I just had numbers for the Tiguan before I realized it was too small.

I’ll post there tonight. I know from my local dealer sites that there’s the $1000 decide to drive or whatever they call it, then another $500 each for college grad and 1st responder.

No still looking over my options.I might pull the trigger on a ford explorer but, I was told by the VW dealer to wait until this month or next month because they are going to have the sign and drive event.