VW Atlas SEL 4motion r line

Hi! I’m new to this group. I’m trying to work a lease deal and have never done it. I’ve always taken a loan. What’s the best l can expect to get on the Atlas SEL 4motion with premium wheels? 0 down 36 months and 12k miles a year.
Thanks!!! I’d love to see some recent deals

Try searching with the magnifying glass icon above :mag:

You can likely find the data quickly without help.

As an aside, having very specific items like premium wheels can make finding a great deal infinitely more difficult.

I’ll be nice and point you right to another thread of someone looking at the same car, just because I was searching for posts about the Atlas last night.

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Thank you…I saw that one but I don’t think it’s a very good deal. This is the first time I’ve even considered a lease. I don’t put many miles on my car at all so I think it’s better for me. It’s so different shopping this way…I’m just going the route of negotiating the cost of the car first. I just don’t understand how I’ll see one car on a dealers site that has a 4k discount then the same car only has 1500? I guess it’s because that particular one has been on the lot longer?

Consider a broker instead of trying it yourself first time.

Also, if you do not make many miles, owning (witha good rate auro loan like from credit union or Penfed) may be a better solution to you. The only exception would be (which I do not think applies to Atlas) if a car has ton of lease money than on purchase, and you buy pout the car soon after the lease start.