2018 Toyota Prius

Hi Delta! The drive on the Kia did not go well, so now I am determined to lease a Toyota Prius 2. I got the manager to send me a lease proposal.

When I ran these numbers on the calculator on Leasehackr, I got a much lower payment. Do you mind checking it for me? Also, is it possible to reverse engineer the residual and the MF from what he has given me?

I redid the leasehackr calculation with a 56% residual, which is what I think he is using. Here is what I got;

Or you can look it up on the Edmunds forum: https://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/50075/toyota/prius/2018-toyota-prius-lease-deals-and-prices

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You made a big point about doing your homework but… calculating residual is easy.
MSRP x residual % = residual amount
25929 x .52 = 13483

Thank you. Math was never my strong suit. In regards to homework – the deal I was offered was exactly what you can find on Toyota.com, so I need to whittle it down.

That’s a pretty bad offer

I agree Cody. First offer. Will counter it tomorrow.

Are you sure it is the same as the advertised deal? I don’t know how it reads for your area, but the deal shown for my zip would be $1999 down and $309/mo. Add in the $1k fees and taxes and I’m looking at about $365/mo with $1999 due at signing.

It’s a regional offer. It’s a starting place for me.

Are you really set on leasing a hybrid? I have never seen a good lease for a prius or any hybrid in ages. However, the phev lease better and sometimes lower than the hybrid.

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You went backwards. I showed you a better offer a week or so ago.


Right. So the offer from Toyota is $329 with $1999 up front PLUS taxes and license.

Dealer is $320 with $1999 INCLUDING taxes and license, right? So it is better. I’m not saying you can’t beat it. Just don’t want to see you make the mistake of using the regional offer as a starting point or even mentioning it to the dealer when you already have a better offer in hand to start with.

I wouldn’t bother countering, just close with @Cody_Carter. Will save you time and no shady business when you arrive at the dealership.


Cody, on your sheet, you don’t say what the rebate is. Do you mind clarifying? Thanks.

There is a $1500 rebate available to current prius leasees. Its not factored into the payment as not all qualify. It is listed in yellow that it is available.

I see that now. thanks

I just turned in a prius lease in May. I have a Rav 4 lease now, and I’m turning in a Lexus. I have leased at least 5 prius cars. Will I qualify? Top tier credit.

No you won’t qualify. You need to have current prius lease with registration. SO the lease numbers the dealer gave you wouldn’t be valid as that $1,500 Rebate is not valid in your case.

Also I would suggest making a move sooner than later. The prius pricing is about to start climbing. Super low inventory and very little in dealer pipelines.

What’s the best deal you can give me in SOCal for Prius prime plus and primium?