2018 Toyota Mirai msrp $59,350 DAS $0 monthly payment $400 includes 7.75% tax 36/12k



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**MSRP: $**59,350
Selling Price: $
**Monthly Payment: $**400 includes 7.75% tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $**0

**Annual Mileage:**12

**Region:**so cal
Leasehackr Score:

Ca Rebate $5000
3 yr HOV sticker
3 yr/36k maintenance
$15k hydrogen fuel card
7 day per yr luxury car rental


Is this replicable ?


Yes i believe so.


Can you please provide the dealer information.


Consumers: Prius Prime is the ugliest car on the market

Toyota: Challenge accepted!

The numbers looks good though


Can you please message me dealer info & sells price if possible


Just PM you

SP Lease


Great deal! Can you PM the details as well? Thanks.


sent PM brando


Pm, please? Thanks!


sent PM edumuniz


How many miles does the $15k fuel card get us ?


~58k miles


can you share the sale price and any incentives if you did have an? TYIA


Can you pm the dealer details too plz?


Iā€™d love the dealer info on this deal. Thank you in advance!


pm sent ā€¦


Can you pls. pm the dealer info?


Hey can you please send me the dealer info, sales price, did your list above include the 7500 lease cash? what other incentives were included?


$6000 rebate not 7500