2018 Toyota Mirai msrp $59,350 DAS $0 monthly payment $400 includes 7.75% tax 36/12k



my mistake you are correct, the 7500 was for financing only.


Could I get dealer contact info please? Thanks


PM sent



How do you charge this thing?


Hydrogen fuel station only.


can you pm detail please?


Pm sent z109


Ha, you said that right, both of those cars have some really nasty looks.

$60k for a Toyota :open_mouth:


If you live or work near a Hydrogen station, its a no brainer. I pass 2 stations on my way to work. After the 5k rebate, free maintenance and free fill ups, it essentially becomes a free $60k commuter. You can overlook the styling and looks when it costs nothing for the car.


Please send me the info thank you!


Can you please PM details?


Is this deal replicable? Can you please send info for the dealer? TIA


Please PM me the info. Thanks so much!


Am I the only one who sees the title as $59k DAS and $0 monthly payment? :laughing:


Lol I agree!
It probably would’ve been better if he put some dashes.

59k MSRP - $0 DAS - $400 tax inc


amazing deal… can you also PM me the dealer?


is this replicable?


Last January, Toyota ran a family of employee program for $200/mo with the same benefits. I’m waiting for that again as I have a cousin that works for Toyota now and I need one of these.


$200 a month for a Mirai?


Toyota said they won’t do it again. It was only done to move remaining units. This year they had no problem moving them so I doubt they will in future