2018 Toyota Camry help

I have read these forums for a while, and really like the 2018 Toyota Camry. I’ve had the same car since I was 16, and will likely just lease a newer car to write off the payments through my business. Should I pull the trigger on Black Friday or will there likely be better deals to be made in December? I am not in a rush. I just paid all my revolving debt off and expect my credit score to be in the mid 700s once the balances get updated.

I’ve been emailing back and forth with an internet salesperson for a local Toyota Dealership and he seems to not want to answer most of my questions. So far I got “MONEY FACTOR IS 0.00096 AND THE RESIDUAL IS .61 OTHER FESS ARE INCEPTION OF 995 , DEALER FEE OF 998 AND TAG FEE. THIS DEAL IS ONLY GOOD THRU 11/24/2017”



Any advice is greatly appreciated. These numbers are on a 3 year 12kmi lease,

Ignore the “only valid til X” bs, it’s almost never true. The dealer fee is stupid high so I would change the dealer you’re talking to. What state are you in? Toyota has different rates for different regions.

I’m in South Florida, which from what I understand is a hard area to get deals. Some people suggested reaching on to Atlanta and get the car shipped. I also don’t have my heart set on the Camry but really liked the body style, but I don’t really want to pay more than $300 a month $0 down. I’d likely trade my 04 Honda Accord in also if they would even take it.

Get in touch with David @Fast_Track_Leasing

About whether or not deals will be better in December? It really is depending of the dealership, some go volume while some go markup. From a finance standpoint it looks like there should be better numbers next month but it also depends on your region. It all depends if the dealership needs to move the car this month, if they do they will take a lose just to move it. It really will be a hit or miss and I’d suggest till next week after black Friday. It will be a crap shoot, if they don’t get the numbers they’ll be more inclined to make a deal. Send an email to a lot of dealerships and see who bites.

If you are in SoFlo try a high volume dealership, big ones are in North Miami/Hollywood area. I have no relationship to any dealer I just happen to know which dealership sells the most units.

@coolryans Are Car brokers a better route to go?

@Fast_Track_Leasing down in Fort Lauderdale is quite solid. They will get you a good deal.

MSRP , $32,527

Thats almost 20% off msrp

I think that part is good what your payments, cap reduction, drive off?
Need more info

Whats the selling price?
What is your monthly payment?
How much you need to put out of pocket?

What you sent me is the cars info MSRP + what packages(options) does not help at all.

Sorry I haven’t got all the info myself. Best I have so far is:
2018 Toyota Camry XSE
MSRP: [$32,527]
Selling Price: [$26,786]
Rebates: still haven’t gotten an answer if these are included in the price I was quoted
Trade-in: 2004 Honda Accord with 156k

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]
MF: 0.00096
Residual: [61%]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: 995 inception, 998 dealer fee, and whatever tag fee costs
Monthly Payment : [$340]

Zip Code: [33351]
Sales Tax Rate: [6%]

Payments seem high.
$300-340 is where you should be with $0 out of pocket.

And I’m pretty sure the rebates already included inside the selling price.

the selling price was great until i saw that your 04 Accord is a trade in. I would wait until mid-december, and list my car for sale on craigslist in the meantime. with 0 out of pocket your payment should be about $300 including tax. Anything more, you should buy it over 72 months, same payment, your car

That’s a perfect tax return car. On Craigslist, come February to April, it will sell like a hot cake. Dealer is going to give you 50 cents on the dollar compared to a private party sale. IMO take out of deal.

I’m sorry for the confusion. I have the car to trade in but this hasn’t been presented to the dealer. He also said I’d get $500 holiday cash rebate but the $2000 dealer cash isn’t applicable to leases.

that’s a scummy dealer with all the bs add-ons and crazy dealer fee

verify residual % and mf at edmunds. i bet they are marking up the mf!

camry starts at 25k; do you need/want the 32k version?

Yeah the body style is really appealing to me. I’ve got a dealer I’m working with now that says I can get to $300 payment with security deposits. Gunna meet on Sunday and see if we can get a deal sheet

anything below 1% of msrp is a killer deal

i agree that the camry V-6 is a great engine; get em before they all go turbo-4!

Trying to work a 2018 Camry SE with sunroof and conv pkg for a friend. Did some early price shopping and most responsed with 10-11.5% off initial offer. Wondering if you all think getting to 16% off MSRP before incentives is possible or reasonable?
In our region we have $1000 lease cash, $750 toyotathon,(some sites display this as $1750 lease cash) and I am going to make him sign up for uber for another $750.
Any other advice or what to look for on these

they will do few deals at 16% at month end depend if they want to achieve volume/target- have heard them doing it this month…