2018 Q50 RS Lease - EDITED

2018 Q50 RS Lease… Thoughts? Room for improvement? I’m in no rush to lease, but, I dont wan’t to miss out on a good deal.

MSRP - $57,685
Selling price - ???
Money down - $0
Drive offs - $2676
39 month lease
15,000 miles a year
Monthly payment - $479
Also taking care of my previous leased Q50. 8 months remaining, 2 covered by pull ahead leaving 290 x 6 remaining = $1,740.

Looks like the dealership isnt budging from 479. Should I wait it out until the end of the month or possibly drag it out until December?

I saw another post, he was at 479 too but I think his msrp is higher. If you’re not in a rush and want to gamble then wait.

I’m definitely planning on waiting towards the end of the month. I heard sometimes dealers get extra incentives to apply to cars at the end (not sure if true). If thats not the case, hopefully they should be able to do better mid or end of December.

I just went to Infiniti.com to research the current deals. They expire on Jan 2. So my guess is that the MF and RV will stay the same until then but you never know.
Are you also considering the q60 RS?

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Yeah I’d actually prefer a Q60 over a Q50 but had no luck getting a redsport near low 500s

Are those remaining 6 payments of $1740 being added to the selling price or covered in the $2676 drive off?

If not in the drive off that is adding about $50 a month to your payment. Without that $50 it looks like a pretty decent deal from what I’ve seen tossed around here.

You should also find out what the MF is and consider putting down MSD. That always makes a significant impact on monthly payments.

Infiniti doesn’t do MSDs.

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When did that change?

I have 2 infiniti’s now that I put MSD’s down for. Granted they are 2 and 4 yrs old.

It didn’t change, Infiniti MF is 0.00003 any MSD would make it 0.00000

I also prefer the Q60. Hoping to see some incentives in December or I’ll be going the Q50 route as well. There are no advertised incentives on the Q60 and the money factor is much higher.

I was offered a 18 Q50 RS for $488 15k/39, much higher msrp than yours, about 2k in drive-offs. I’m also in the same boat as you, I have $1,400 in payments left. I’m also contemplating waiting until December to see if the deal gets better. My remaining payments aren’t covered in the drive-off’s- that’ll add $35 more a month.

@goat_milk would you mind sharing the details of your deal? Are your additional lease payments rolling into the cap cost? I’m in South FL and struggling to get something close to that.

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have you tried naples infiniti? i also got a quote from them with 479 a month including my current payment. Maybe they can do better if you push?

no my current payment wasn’t even mentioned. With my current payments rolled in, I’m looking at $530 plus 2k upfront.

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Sounds like my 479 isnt to bad then. Although, an extra 1k incentive would be amazing. Ill drag it out until the end of the month, perhaps december.

$434 without your current payments, thats not too bad. You should be under 400 for that MSRP which is a base RS, judging by other quotes I’ve gotten.

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Okay, im going to aim to trim about $30 off the payment. This should be fun

I just closed on a $57k RS and was able to 16% off sticker w/o VPP for $480/m. I think there was more room to push but I needed a car quickly.

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Did you have a previous lease that they rolled payments into?