2018 Q50 RS AWD $487/mo

I’m not sure what I might be missing in this quote, but thought I’d ask before finalizing. If I can do better with a broker, I’m open to it. Please advise if you would. Looking to finalize in the next 5 days.

Thanks, B

What’s the residual and MF? quote seems about average, I have seen better and worse assuming the payment is after tax and the cash down includes fees

Rockies114…Are you in Colorado?

With 2268 cash down, I don’t think that’s a great deal. Search Q50 in forum and read.

I am in Colorado, trying to search these forums to my best ability. The issue that I am running into, is that all the searches I see, seem to to be for lesser trim options (instead of the Red Sport AWD) or the posts are aged a few months.

In fact, the posting that I made would actually send me to Florida or New Hampshire to finalize the lease.All of the local dealers say that Colorado’s incentives are not very good on that trim.

Ill try to research in the forum again…

here’s a reference for ya:

Thanks IKoRTy,

I reached out to that dealer, but they’re only sitting on 3 AWD options (all trim levels) out of 50+ Q50’s.
None of the Red Sports happen to be AWD, but they’re going to look around. I’m guessing that might put a spin on how aggressive they are. Fingers crossed.

Great Question,

They just got back to me.

Residual is 54%
Money Factor is .00003

Push for 20%, it’s completely possible. Consider emailing Infiniti customer service suggesting you are about to close on the car and a VPP pin (fleet discount) would be a huge help and getting you to sign. Also, that doc fee is outrageous, I would tell the dealer to eat the cost.