2018 MKX Lease....opinions?

Here we go again. Just received a call from my Lincoln guy and he offered me the following deal. He actually reached out to me because my current MXC lease is now eligible for the 3 month pull ahead. Let me know what you guys think…

2018 MKX AWD Premiere
MSRP 43150
Selling Price: 39750 (Before Rebate)
Rebate: 2250
Selling Price w Rebate: 37500
Residual 24596 or 54%
MF .00012

36 month 10.5K per year…
398 a month incl PA taxes of 9 percent… with 1335 due at signing (includes first month, and all fees: bank, transfer, doc ect)

Doesn’t seem too bad right now, but I am sure there is some wiggle room. Also, I will be turning in my MKC three months early without penalty. Not that this matters but it sweetens the deal and I won’t have pay the 300 disposition fee on the MKC. I am under my mileage on the MKC but not enough to have an equity.


Have you driven the car and do you like it?

…he reads LH :slight_smile:


Hahahaha! Probably does! So how does deal look Ursus?

Yes, but I am not in a rush to get a new lease, however this seems pretty lucrative considering I would be out of my MXC three months early without penalty (thanks to pull ahead) and my payment would basically stay the same on an upgraded model.

If you’re not in a rush, then wait IMO. If you can extend your lease by a couple months, you are at the end of the model year and have potentially many more options.

Right now you’re comparing apples (a new Lincoln lease with a pull-ahead program) vs oranges (all the other brands out there where you have to roll negative equity into it).

Right…so basically what you are saying is that if the deal is here now it will probably be there in the summer when my lease is up. At that point, I can look at everything under the sun, because I would be going in to a new lease with a clean slate. All of that aside, does it appear to be a good deal? The guy has always been straight up with me, so I was just curious for my sake.

Honestly there’s very little discussion of Lincoln here so who really knows how good this deal is? Obviously none of us have crystal balls (though some might claim to) and programs change month to month. That being said, the make-or-break OEM programs that appear to expire this month are GM’s conquest rebates and Nissan/Infiniti end-of-fiscal-year incentives. Most of the rest of the best deals on LH this month appear to be loaners and one-offs where the bulk of the deal came from dealer discount, rather than OEM rebates.

TLDR unless you are shopping for Nissan/Infiniti or GM brands you can probably afford to wait.


Understandable…I have been following the posts for a while and looked in to a few vehicles, thus far.
Armada: too big…gas hog…don’t need something that big for one child
Velar: we won’t get into that…lol
Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited : nice and in same price range as Lincoln MKX (I think)

I absolutely love this forum because of the advice I have received. Some great, some not so great…but it is all advice so I take it with a grain of salt. I will figure this out some how some way…

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So based upon the feedback here, would any of the models below interest you - if so, this month is the month to pull the trigger, otherwise not really any harm in waiting:

Equinox, Terrain, CT5

Based on a search i did for same car in 2017 that sounds like a good deal. It is not a crazy price but if you lower the drive offs, would make the deal sweeter.

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I’m actually going to shoot for cutting the drive offs in half…to 700 due…we will see.

The XT5 interests me…don’t know how the prices are though.

Here’s a thread on a demo lease from last month.

Did a little more online research and found this…

New Lincoln Nautilus

This is going to replace the MKX …Perhaps this is the reason they are pushing the old models off the lot.

The Nautilus looks nice. My only issue with the MKX (other than having to re-educate myself on the naming convention to differentiate between models) was that the console was intrusive, so I felt cramped when sitting in it.

Revised deal… The GM just called me back today… The revised deal is 393 due at signing and 393 a month. He said he is using dealer holdback to place it $1000 under invoice… Seems pretty sweet. The end of the month is approaching quickly.

Decided to take the MKX…not a 1 percent but a pretty good deal in my mind. 393 a month…zero due at signing was our final negotiation. Plus a three month pull ahead on my MKC.

Good deal congrats enjoy the new ride

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