2018 Cadillac XT5 Luzury Package Dealer Demo

Received the following quote from a local dealer near Houston, TX.
The XT5 is a Dealer Demo with around 5000 miles

The quote they gave me is a little different from what I have seen on these forums but was wondering if someone could reverse engineer and let me know if this is a solid starting point.

MSRP: $47,945.00
Net Sales Price $34,694.75
Tax $ 2,168.42
Lic/Reg/Fees $ 995.00

Lease End Purchase $25,269.75

All 10,000 yearly miles
36 Months 0 down = $410.6 per month
39 Months 0 down = $404.42 per month

This sounds like a 2017 XT5 deal to me as currently 2017 models are offering 5000 factory rebate while hte 2018 only did 2000, and overall, if working on 2017 models, 13k off still a good number to start.

So I am curious to see this deal is for 2017 instead of 2018, also, 2017 model GM does not offer financing for Lease.

Curious to get more details from you.

Fair warning - I’ve leased a demo Cadillac (ATS) and the existing miles count against the lease. So your total miles allowed in your case will be 30,000 - 5,000 = 25,000. You could bump it up to a 12k lease to make up for the miles. That’s what I did.

Good luck! I get the GM employee discount and can into a xt5 demo in the high 200s so I’d think mid to high 300s is where it should be. Also there is a lot of money on the ATS this month - low 200s with GM employee and mid 200s without.

I closed the deal with the dealership the other day, it was the 2018 Luxury package. I ended up with $0 down and a monthly payment of $389.00, feel it was a solid deal.

They started the lease from the current mileage, the demo miles won’t count against my allowed lease miles.

this is pretty solid, thanks for sharing !
Think the 389 is also including the tax right.

That’s a finance incentive…not applicable to lease.

You’re basically getting an employee deal when it comes to pricing on a base XT5 Lux… No driver awareness or infotainment either black or silver… MF is probably marked up though…

MF @ 36 months is .0001 and @ 39 is .000242.

Your Effective payment should be mid to high 3s