2018 Mercedez Benz C300 Coupe Loaner Lease Deal

MRSP: 53350
Selling Price: 41190 8k miles
Acquisition Fee: 1095 (Won’t come down)
Processing Fee: 695
MF: 0.00020
Residual: 53%

300 for Tags
Monthly Payment: 510 no money down.

Is this a good deal??

Throw some MSD at the MF?

I don’t really understand that. What do you suggest?

asked the guy and and said since my money factor is already low, it would make much difference 10MSD would decrease payment by 5 dollars/month

Yea with interest that low already its not going to matter. 22% off is a nice discount, I would give them the acq mark up if push comes to shove. You may want to see if they will throw in the maintenance plan, I had luck on a Merc loaner deal in getting it too.

I forgot to say they are throwing in the 20k maintenance and taking care of 1st payment.

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pffft take it then.

Something just isn’t sitting right with me. They decreased

the residual from the original numbers by 1100, came down on MF from .00048 to .00020, but it still decreased payment by 10 dollars.

With this deal I am getting First month taken care of as well as 20k maintenance.

Can I just get a yay or nay? So over it! lol

i suggest to search this forum for recent 2018 C300 loaner deals, this is a terrible payment, not even worth considering.

Even with everything rolled in? No money down?

well it’s not all rolled in, you’re still making first $510+ payment. And yes, even then

whatever mercedes has going on I don’t pay first payment. I start next month notes. The original MSRP was 53k

that’s a high MSRP, what state are you in?

Getting it from Virginia

are you in Virginia? Because then it’s a different story because of taxes in VA.

Leasing in VA I’m paying NC taxes though.

Sales tax in NC is 3% of purchase price.

Not of purchase price, rental.

A lower RV does not help your payment.