Rate This Deal: 2019 C43 AMG Coupe

Just received a quote today for a 2019 C43 AMG. Feedback is appreciated!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019, Mercedes Benz, C43 AMG

MSRP: $$66,620
Selling Price: $66,000
Monthly Payment: $$961.27 (CA Tax Included)
Cash Due at Signing: $3,006 (+10,000 MSD)

Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00043
Residual: 54%

Region: Los Angeles, CA

so they’re practically selling you the car at msrp?


You got $620 bucks off a 66K car have to get that selling price down A LOT. If they will not deal with you maybe worth it for you to get a broker. The couple of hundred bucks they charge will save you thousands.

ouch. I’d find another dealer.

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Don’t take it eledus. Run away!!!

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yikes, that’s a pretty bad deal.
When I was looking at 2018s it was $2000 down and $600/month plus tax for a $62k MSRP c-43.
You basically tie up $48k for 3 years and then you get $10k back. after 3 years.That’s still $38k to rent a car for 3 years.
Is it worth that to you? That seems like C63 prices to me.
at 1% rule this should cost $660/month and maybe fess and first month at signing plus msd.
It can be done or at least close. aim for 10% to 15% off msrp

Not happening on a redesign, 2019, performance coupe.

It’s definitely a horrible deal, and he can do better. But, if he really wants this car, he needs to know that it won’t happen anywhere near 1%.


Mikes right, never going to get a new model year Mercedes coupe close to a good deal. The forum is full of how badly they lease.

If you’re going to spend that kind of money get something with a good engine like a Giulia Quadrifoglio or M4.

I just got a 2019 AMG C43 Coupe with night package the 64 interior light package exhaust package heated seats & steering wheel also has a built in charging pad for iPhone, carbon fiber interior was $65750 got it to $58k. I put with 4K with 1st month dmv fees & maintence + took the insurance for the wheels n tires was 2k got it for $1600 I had lesson learned with my 2015 BMW 435i msport convertible went thru few potholes costly :frowning: …be paying $790 month get it Friday just before Xmas 36/months /12k miles unless u know these salesman you only gonna get what u get bottom line

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1% dealer discount is all you really need to know.

Absolutely horrible deal.

You should be aiming for a 7% discount at the minimum.

If you’re located in Southern CA, my friend has a 2016 C43 AMG Coupe available for Lease transfer. Asking for $2000 up front (He paid $4000), and payments are $675 Including 9.5% Tax. 26 or 24 Payments remaining, car has like 8-9 thousand miles and is a 10,000 MPY lease. Let me know if you might be interested.

Seems like it would be hard to move with those terms given the 2019 refresh of more power, significant exterior modifications, and new digital display.

Fully loaded C43 white with black/red interior for $675 a month will be hard to move?! Good luck on getting this price on a regular C300 coupe :rofl:

$65750 msrp isn’t fully loaded

It’s a used car that you’re trying to move at an effective monthly payment of what you could lease a 2018 off the lot for.

Your comment on the C300 shows your lack of knowledge on the market and your general attitude shows you probably don’t belong here. If you want suckers, move on.

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Sorry, but I would like to point out that comparing a service loaner deal in VA to a deal in Southern California isn’t making your argument any more effective. All car pricing is exclusive to its region.