2018 Mercedes Benz E300 (Demo) - Texas

Hello Hackrs,
I just received this ‘final’ quote from a dealer in TX (Texas) for a 2018 E300 Demo with 6900 miles:

MSRP - $60,765
Selling Price - $52,000
Residual - $35,221.75 (adjusted due to miles)
MF - 0.00056 (0.00126 reduced after 10 MSDs - $7,000)
Acquisition - $1095
License/Reg/Fee - $193
Doc Fees - $150
Sales Tax - $780 (used sales tax credit in TX)

Zero Drive-off + MSDs of $7,000
Monthly payment - $594
^^Basically paying $594 for next 35 months

This is after negotiating over email & phone for the past 4-5 days, and going a lot of back and forth. The salesperson says and i quote " I’ll be honest, believe me or not we do not have any profit left in your deall!! We are simply trying to move out a unit to help our monthly numbers. This is our bottom line"

Checked and Re-checked numbers, they are correct as per the quote. I even got the sales tax credit in Texas, still so far from what I expected for a demo/loaner.

Please provide your expert opinion.

idk about texas but here in socal thats way too much. also im pretty sure people get that same selling price of that msrp on a new model. also idk your final price but i divided out of 15000 for a 3 year lease and that just a bit over 400. check out what other people have gotten on here then decide what to do. heck you might even want to get a different car like the s90 or something.

When I leased my 2016 E350 in Sep.2016 they discounted it from almost 67K to 46K. It had 5,500 miles. My monthly payment is $416. MD is a full tax state and I got no tax rebate

Your quote is a 14.5% discount from MSRP.

From 1 email exchange, I was able to get 18% discounts from MB McKinney and Park place Grapevine for $60k loaners. MB plano & park place Dallas ignored my email as soon as I mentioned 20%+ discount and didn’t replied on my follow up email lol. 18% discounts still wasn’t a good number so I gave up on E300. It was earlier of this month(July)

You got a bad deal.

Last month i negotiated this car https://www.mbofcaldwell.com/used/Mercedes-Benz/2018-Mercedes-Benz-E-Class-ddc051a90a0e0a170f89275bd060a3a4.htm (has the same miles and MSRP that you have) to 48k or 47k. Before adding any MSD’s, i got the monthly lease for $490 or 480 i guess.

They’re using the sales tax credit to minimise the discount on the MSRP. For a demo sedan should be closer to 25% discount which would get you into the 4xx’s p/m.

Not enough discount, especially with those kind of miles. I bet an aggressive dealer could offer a new one for less, especially after you account for the residual ding on this one.

Thanks all, this is bad deal. Maybe I am in an affluent area where people just buy it off at the first quote? I was expecting to take little bit of a hit because of TX sales tax, but I was able to talk to them about tax credit. Even then, it’s not even comparable, at all!

@armen212 Yeah exactly, I am not going to get this at the current quote. Way too high.

@vxb They are not budging anymore. Salesperson said that is the lowest they will go. Maybe not a right timer to lease Demo E300?

@jaysignedoff I was also going to negotiate until >20% for demo/loaner. This is a meager 14% on a demo with 6900. Another dealer here for the same priced E300 first quoted >700 to me.

@johncena Exactly, this is a bad deal. I am not going to take it at this quote.

@ajgraham Looks like it. I was also hoping (after some negotiation) to be at >20% discount.

@joeblogs Yes. I am taking my time, no hurry to get a new car. So I am going to shop more and expand my search radius.

I think you are right and the market has changed. Last year I asked the same dealer about a similar deal for my son in law. The best he could offer was mid 600s for E300.
Aso I got E350 which was being replaced that year with E300s

Just FYI, I did not go through with this deal. Better wait for a good deal, I am in no hurry. If anyone knows a reliable broker in Texas (TX), please let me know. Thanks!

I was being offered a $67.5k MSRP E300 loaner for $581/month with MSDs in Mid July but did not go through with it (signed up for Penfed and waiting for 2 months to complete and the end of the year deals):

let me know if you find any good broker for Texas. I am also looking

Best deals on E300 loaners were scored late last year into late February this year. If you can wait until the 2019s come out they should be discounting the 2018 models more aggressively. That is where the 20% and higher discounts may be available. MB stopped offering lease support on 2017 models as of March 1 this year, not sure if that scenario will repeat itself next year.