2018 Macan base lease deal. Thoughts?

Hi all,

Wanted to get some feedback on a lease i’m working on:

2018 Macan Base
MSRP: 51,300
Sell Price: 46,427 (9.5% off)
DAS: $2448
MF: .0026
Monthly: $601 + CA tax (SF Bay Area) = $659
39/7.5k 60% residual

Any other info i’m missing let me know. As always, thanks in advance!

We already told someone that these lease terribly today, he didn’t like that. It was suggested that you’re better off buying these, that MF is higher than a Kia with no incentives/cash and a so so residual, just not a good car to lease.

@joeblogs thanks, i’ll search for the other thread. Leasing works better in my situation at the moment so I was hoping to get some constructive feedback here. I can remove this thread if the consensus is never to lease a Macan.


Have a search here for Macan threads and you’ll see a lot of depressing numbers. Yours is one of the better ones but even then it’s really hard to justify $700+ (effective) monthly for a $50k vehicle even if it is a Porsche.

For that monthly in Cali you can get an Audi SQ5 or BMW X3 m40i, both offer much more for the money. If you want a similar performance vehicle (2.0l engine) then the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is very similar and will save you probably ~35% on lease costs. I’m basing that on going for a 36 month 10k miles lease so that will give you more miles too.


Just lease an SQ5 instead. Cheaper, faster with far more tech and luxury, and mechanically it’s the same thing as the Macan - built on the same underpinnings.


I wouldn’t touch a base Macan for less than 12% off

Every dealer will do 10. I’d consider 12 or more a good deal.

Is there more to this than just the money? I say that because you could finance that for 72 mos at only around $70/mo more. They have pretty strong resale value and you wouldn’t have to worry about limiting yourself to 7500 miles a year for the next 3 years.

In other words, anyone here would only get a Porsche if the dealership took a loss on it? Lol

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haha that’s exactly right :slight_smile:

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But the short answer is that no matter how much a dealer discounts anything right now, the interest rate is so punitive that the lease will be expensive by default.


Gotta agree here and with AJ.

These base 4cyl Macans, whether leased or purchased, make zero sense. Even worse, the 2018 outgoing model runs on the same platform as the previous gen q5/sq5 that was replaced in 2017.

Anybody that would choose one of these over an sq5 or x3m40i (both of which are relatively new) is insane. You’re basically paying for a Porsche badge on a 2017 q5 with slightly enhanced driving dynamics.

I rarely ever go in a thread and bash a vehicle (I have no problem criticizing a bad deal), and am usually a proponent of getting the car you want over chasing the best deal, but I can’t help myself here.

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I would argue despite being on SQ5 underpinnings that a Macan is a superior-handling vehicle.

I would also argue it’s a better looking car.

600 a month for a 51k dollar Macan is actually not terrible. No where near as bad as the other guy’s 1k+ a month for a 74k dollar Macan.

Macans do not lease well, but I would consider one if they provided more competitive MF.


Effective payment on this thing is over $700.

Exterior aesthetics are subjective, although I do agree it’s slightly better looking than an sq5.

In terms of powertain, it’s not even close. Sq5 is turbo v6 and the Porsche is a turbo4. Also, a Porsche is a drivers car first, luxury second. As others have mentioned, you’ll actually get a better interior and tech with a new gen q5/sq5.

There are plenty of great sports cars with 4cyl engines, but this is an suv.

A Macan S or higher is an awesome car. The bas models are just neutered.

I’ve been reading auto journalists talking about the 4 cylinder being a better choice over the Macan S due to an over all lighter weight. Price point is also lower.

There’s not one review I’ve read that says this, assuming you’re referring to ‘18 MY and older.

Everything I’ve read is the gts is the best handling one. A Macan S is a direct competitor to the sq5. The base model is literally a better handling previous generation q5.

You’re paying ~$200/mo from that MF alone. As everyone else has said, its not worth it

I’m in NJ and had a dealer down to $580/mo $0 down (all taxes and fees rolled into monthly). This was on a 2018 demo Macan with ~4k miles on it. 7500 miles per year.

I’m now struggling with taking this super low mileage lease, risking I go over miles or just buying a certified 2016 or 2017 Macan and paying a little more monthly but with no risk.

I’m referring to 2019+.

OP deal is on an ‘18.

Look for Macan demo. Do you qualify for conquest (welcome to Porsche incentive?)