2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve

I checked in the Deals and Tips section and couldn’t find anything. Anyone on here have experience leasing the new Navigator? Can you custom order with all options then negotiate the buy vs lease discussion at the dealership?


Just have a feeling there will be no hacker deals on those.

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You won’t find any deals because there aren’t any and won’t be any. It has a low residual and is brand new.

There will be no crazy deals on these as others above had said… Still would recommend leasing over buying though, as the hit you would take driving that car off the lot on a buy would be a big one. Expensive cars like this are best to lease… It wont be lease hackr worthy but will still be way less than the purchase option.

My goal is to order for delivery with the options i want … so you’re thoughts are MSRP is what it’s going to cost?

My company will cover 50% of lease cost so my plan was to lease and buy off lease potentially. What’s the best way to get RV lower - longer lease term, buy more miles or both? Is my thinking right on this?


The resiudal value won’t change. It is what it is. And for a lease you actually want a higher residual because a higher resiudal will result in a Lower payment.

Generally the less miles per month the residual goes up a point.

When it comes to leasing the only numbers that can be highered/lowered are the money factor and the sales price. The best bet would be to get the standard money factor(not marked up). Good Edmunds lease forum and find your car your looking for and it will tell you the standard rate. Get the dealer to only do that rate and to not mark it up. Next get the sales price as low as possible. MSRP-Discount= sales price. The greater the difference between msrp and the sales price the lower the payment will be

Is this the info you’re referring to? Is that a decent deal or high for standard?

Would i want the lower RV% if my company is paying 50% of lease payments and i’m planning to buy off lease for family car when lease is up?

This is from Lincoln website for leasing


If your company is paying 50% or lease payment you want the payment high so then they pay more for the lease which then will lower the buyout at the end.

That pictures doesn’t show the money factor. You need to get that from the dealer.

Honestly it might be advantageous to hire a broker for this deal

Coming from someone who jumped out of the “modern” lincoln to a Subaru. Go another route. We still got one my mom drives and mechanically it’s sound but the rest of just junk. We got a ford version of it as well and although the seats and all aren’t as nice. It doesn’t buzz and rattle all the time. Panels don’t pop off randomly and start peeling. The cloth covered trim panels peel so often just from summer heat it’s crazy. Might I suggest a expedition of top spec? Should get almost everything in a lower note and less crap trim. It’s all lincoln reviews biggest complaint.

Oh, and to compare build quality. Open the door on a continental and you will ask yourself why a power wheels door handle feels more substantial lol

You can defiantly lower the residual with getting as many miles put in the lease as possible.

Thanks for all the responses. Does anyone know what the wiggle room is on negotiating off MSRP (~$91K w/ options). Any help is appreciated.

Probably still to new. See if anyone on Edmunds has any info or email sales managers.

Does your company have Ford Xplan pricing? If so, it appears there is an X plan discount on 2018 Navigator.

Unfortunately we don’t … but this is helpful - thanks!

Sign up with the experimental aircraft association. Included. Xplan for $20 a year. Ford accepts the signup email that showed “renewal” and you don’t have to wait the 30days. If your dealer isn’t anal.

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Would this still work if my company will be the one leasing the car? In this case would my company have to joint instead of me personally?


Don’t know this one out of my own state. Usually it’s a car allowance that is paid to you on your check and the vehicle would be in your name. Remember when a vehicle is in a company name vs personal the rates are almost always higher unless special rates are promoted. In my state I’ve seen them as much as 80% higher.

Do you have a Black Label dealer in your area? This comes with some nice perks and if your getting half your lease paid by your employer, you get extra benefits on their dime.

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I’ve looked at these online - other than the upgraded leather what are additional perks above Reserve trim?



With a mobile showroom that comes to you, a dedicated concierge from start to finish, an in-dealership studio featuring a private fitting room and remote vehicle delivery,* Lincoln Black Label works on your terms.

  • Available within 30 miles of participating Lincoln Black Label Dealers. May vary by state.

Complimentary anytime car washes† as well as annual detailing†† to help keep your Lincoln Black Label vehicle in pristine condition.
† During ownership by first registered Lincoln Black Label owner during normal business hours at any participating Lincoln Black Label Dealer. †† Annual detailing limited to first four years of ownership.

All Lincoln Black Label vehicles come with four-year/50,000- mile premium maintenance plan, covering all recommended service and wear items with complimentary pickup and delivery within an extended 50-mile radius.*

Lincoln Black Label Membership provides access to the AVIS® President’s Club, an exclusive invitation-only program. Benefits include a complimentary vehicle for up to seven days when traveling to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Orlando or Atlanta international airports,* within the first year of ownership, a double upgrade, when available, a guaranteed rental with 48-hour advance reservation, a dedicated line for reservations and customer support, and a chance to earn 50% more points by opting in to Avis Preferred Points.**

Access to a curated list of exquisite restaurants from coast to coast with noted chefs providing an at-your-service dining experience, including a complimentary dinner for two for new members.