2018 Lexus RX 350


I am looking for numbers on 2018 lexus RX350 for standard (12k miles/3 yr). I called up 1 dealer and he gave me following :slight_smile:

$589/month - 12k miles.
4k down
1600 - tax, title , registration.

So now I know this is absolute max but I am looking for insights on what constitutes a good deal.

say asking for 0 down, $350/month (incl tax) ? Thanks in advance.

those numbers equate to about 27k over 36 months… is it a 100k car?

lol, absolutely not. Its about 50-55k. Hence I am asking what constitutes a good deal :slight_smile:

Biggest thing is have something to justify what you are asking for. I don’t know RX numbers well but in general if you offer something that is so far from being a possible deal they will just blow you off.

If you have some research to show why you are offering a certain number you will get a lot better response.

Hi, use the search bar, it is the magnifying glass in upper right hand corner.

try “RX 350”

get https://forum.leasehackr.com/search?q=rx350%20order%3Alatest

wow magic.

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Thank you for being “SO” helpful JalopSpecial. I did search and dont see anything that shows good deal for 2018 Lexus rx350. I’d rather not answer thn be stingy about it.

Clearly didn’t scroll to number 8 in the results

wow magic! Also in that thread Mconte talks about having a hard time getting under 540 on one

and further down

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I noticed it however it is for 2017. I am looking for new 2018 model as it has 3rd row seating.

Uhm the model with 3 rows of seating is completely different. It is the RX350L which is different from the regular RX. No good deals considering its a new model. Additionally, the third row is tiny so you might want to look at other models.

i’ve been doing a tremendous amount of research on SUV’s lately as my wife is trying to get a new car and i’ve struck out on getting anything respectable on Lexus. Your best bet is the QX60 now as they are leasing fairly well.

Are you serious in that offer? I mean how do you even come up with that kind of pricing?

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I traded in a 10 month old 2017 BMW X5 and got the wifey a 2017 RX350 (~$54k). Out the door paid $800 down, $600/m for 39m & 30k miles. Not the slickest deal but I’m happy with it.

My dad just got a 18 they where taking approx 5k off but was for purchase, He also bought a 17 F type and got 8k off, He tried for that on the 18 but 5k was the max but this was 2 months ago

This isn’t happening. Probably low 5s zero down on a 2018

@dreamworld5 just pay nyclife to get you this price point.

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Amazing how dealers try for a home run right out of the box. We were a returning customer inquiring on a lease for a 2017 MDX w/ Advance Tech (MSRP $58K) around Thanksgiving and their first quote was $789 a month with 0 down. Negotiated that down to a final $575 a month with 0 down only paying doc fee and license (around $300) and first payment. I think they would have closed down and threw a party if we signed on their original quote.

Pretty sure @NY13 was talking about the OP’s unrealistic offer of $350/month, not the dealer’s offer.

I’ve been shooting for 12% to 13% off plus Lexus lease cash of $3100 for a few 2017 RX’s in SoCal and not having any luck. It seems that maybe Lexus has tightest he margins, or that the dealers are just not going there. Bummer because there where a few deals like that 6 months ago.

You may be right but the dealer’s offer of $589/mo. with another $5,600 due (no MSDs) looks very much out of whack, too. Of course we don’t know the exact MSRP but if it’s closer to $50K that is an awful deal.

For that price you are better off with a gx460, xc90 or a qx60 for 100 bucks cheaper.