Rx350 $53850 MSRP $410.00 plus tax

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Lexus RX350]

MSRP: [53,850]
Dealer Discount -$7,190 --13.35%
Selling Price: [$46,660]
Rebates: [$2,000 lease cash]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [.00002]
Residual: [56]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$1,500] -1st payment, $80 doc fee, $795 acq fee, and tax on the rebate
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$444.03]

Purchased on Black Friday. Deal was set up through a broker in So Cal. He was able to beat the dealers price . Very happy with the car and the deal. I wish I had loyalty or a PGA certicicate, but did not.

Zip Code: [85014]
Sales Tax Rate: [8.05%]

Leasehackr Score: [10]

So Cal dealer delivered at Beverly Hills Lexus. A broker set it up for me. I left the plate fee off of the equation (will pay it separate when I register it on Monday), but since everyone is different I did not want it to confuse people. I flew in from AZ to CA to pick it up and drive it home. Delivery took 20 minuets including paperwork and the dealership did not try to add on anything in finance. I am very pleased with everything.

I took the deal to my local dealer who told my he would buy from CA as his best deal was at least 3k more. Got to love CA and competition, something we do not have in AZ.


So about $480 after tax and everything rolled in. Good deal I would say.

Your monthly isn’t far off what I have managed t work on an RX with a sticker of $45k in FL. Im tempted to have one shipped to FL it would probably still cost me less.

Can you share the name of the broker?

I think I sent a pm to all that asked or pm’ed me for the broker contact. If I missed you please send another message. Here is the copy of the deal. The numbers attached are based on LA taxes and plate fees.

Great deal. Last year around this time I was pretty happy with getting my wife a $54k RX350 for $540 a month on a 36/15. All these recent RX350 deals are killing me to see! :joy:

California gets killers lease deals. I ma working all of the dealerships to even get close to that price in FL.

Hi Ray, could you please message me broker info? Thx!

Hi Ray, please PM me broker info as well. Thanks.

Mind sharing the broker info?

Please PM me the broker info as well (although I’m sure the broker would be happy if you shared it here for everyone)

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Hello there, could you PM me the info for the broker you used? Thanks in advance.

Same here asking to PM me broker info, getting out of a 2015 RX350 Fsport later this year. Thanks!

I’d like broker info as well please

Mine was not as good for the 2017 RX350
$512.27 36 month 12k per year
$54,553.00 MSRP
$1000 down
$1500.00 trade in

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ouch you coulda done way better then that