2018 Lexus NX 300 Good Deal?

Hello, I am looking to lease Lexus NX 300 and wondering if this is good deal (from Lexus dealer in Northern CA )

Year/Make/Model/Trim: 2018 Lexus NX 300
MSRP - 44980
Selling Price: 40680
Residual Value: 60%
MF: 0.00070
MF after 8 MSD(~3400) : 0.00006
Term: 36 Months/10k miles a year

Incentive for recent college graduate 1k and Lexus Cash 750$ included

Driver-Off: 0$
Monthly Payment : 415$

Appreciate your help.

I’m getting quoted about 10-11% off pre incentive so I think you can do better, example 40,xxx msrp, 4000 discount and 750 incentive

I just closed on a deal for my mom in Nor Cal.

45.6k MSRP. 38.8k sales price less 750 incentive.

7.5 miles - 390 dollars per month with tax. 900 drive off.

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Which dealer in Norcal?

Here’s a link to my deal that I got just a couple of days ago, just to let you know what’s possible:


which dealer in norcal. would love to get a discount like this