2018 Lexus Gx460 premium

MSRP: $59,300
Discount: -$6,245 (-10.5%)
Selling: $53,138
Total Cap: $55,525

Rebate Savings: -$6,500 ($5K MS Reserved, $1K graduate, $500 lease cash)

Net Cap: $49,025

Base Payment: $374.33
Monthly Tax: $35.56
36 month payment: $409.89

Due on delivery: $0

MF: 0.00060
Miles: $7,500
Residual: 63%
Thoughts??? Can I grind on pre incentive discount?


410 per month for a 60k 2018 Suv is very good. I would think it would be hard going lower unless you make that last push to get it to 399 oer month between today and tomorrow since its the last days of the month.

@Jpichardo91 - think about this deal without the MS certificate though. It would add $143/month to payment for a total of $551. Is $551, $0 out of pocket still a good deal on a $60K car?

Thoughts? @jlgarza15 @alex_b @vhooloo @Ursus

Pretty sound deal. I leased a GX460 with an MSRP of $63,000, 39/10 last month for $497. I paid the first months lease payment at closing, and I rolled all taxes, tags, and admin fees into my payment.

I’m looking to get into a luxury suv asap. Can anyone elaborate on this MS reserved certificate? Is it readily available and is this deal replicable?

Thanks in advance

Yes it is still a very good deal as it is under the 1% rule especially for a 2018.
Is there more room to negotiate, maybe if you push hard in enough and present the written deal to various nearby dealers.

@Tank is yours a luxury package? They have a lower residual value @ 59%. @jlgarza15 got his for $425/months with only MSDs out of pocket a few months ago without $5K certificate.

@mikem Morgan Stanley reserve members get $5K off. I had a relative who had that account. If you have $1M with them, you are good!

@Jpichardo91 do deals get better in December? My goal was to get $0 out of pocket, $500 /month before I heard of MS cert. At this point, I am enjoying the deal chase and enjoy the challenge!

If the build of that vehicle is not hard to find - The last few days of December could turn up really well for you.
You also have to be realistic sometimes, how much money will the dealer lose just to sell you one vehicle?

You can always present the written offer at different dealerships and tell them what payment you are trying to reach. A good negotiating tactic is to lay down your credit card or so on the table telling and showing them you are ready right now to move if the price you want is given to you. This tactic has worked for me for the last push in all the deals I have helped close friends with including my own. This tactic has helped me get 20-30 dollars more off the monthly payment with all else being equal.

For me - it would be a good deal on a $60K+ XC90. Sorry, can’t stand Lexus in general and the monstrous GX in particular :slight_smile:

Just curious I know Toyota corp and other Japanese brands fiscal year ends in March/ begins April.

Does Lexus have decent deals near end of March too or is now best timing for a deal?

I cant speak to the GX, but if the . LX is a rebranded Land Cruiser, then it’s a hell of a vehicle.

They have very good deals on March from past experience around that time. Very comparable and equally aggressive as Nov/Dec.

Its all a matter of how desperate you are for a vehicle.
2018 vehicles will probably be more discounted around March but then the residual would be lower than now as well as money factor althou thats a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong - they are great vehicles, but for me their design is all over the place. GX looks like it was put together from 3 different cars.

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The 5k MS reserve certificate is sweet but the deals we saw were for 2017 GX 460. This is for 2018 GX460, so I don’t know about how aggressively they are discounting these. But 15% discount should be feasible if they are already giving 10.5%
Also the mileage is only 7.5k so that’s another $20-30 to factor in the equation. So without the MS reserve and low mileage this is not a great deal. In other words, should be doing slightly better (ie total payment under 400) for those terms.

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3 cars for the price of 1. That’s a good thing? Business in front, party at the back :slight_smile:

Not if a $60K car was put together from 3 Chinese knock-offs :grin:

Lay your credit card on the Table? Lol

Who wastes time negotiating in person?

Rule #1 Never go to the dealer to negotiate.

Thanks, great to know. I’m looking at a 2017 IS but in my area basically white color is non-existent now. I’m thinking maybe just wait until March 2018 and look for a deal on the 2018 when they have better stock.

A lot of dealers will not give you their very best offer until you are in the store and they think they can get you to sign.

It’s kind of car sales 101. They’re not going to just hand our their bottom line over the internet that you can use to negotiate with another dealer on.

“Laying card on the table” is cheesy as hell but if you think your offer you got over e-mail is their very best offer you’re doing it wrong.