2018 Jaguar XE 35 R-Sport

Hi hackrs,

I’m currently working out a deal for a 2018 Jaguard XE 35 R-Sport. I don’t see a lot of Jaguar deals posted, so I figured I would post my preliminary deal and see how much I can improve it. I am in New York.

36/10k miles a year
MSRP $58,185
Sales Price: $56,279
Incentives $4,875 dealer cash, $1,000 rebate
Total DAS $3826 (Bank Fee, Tax, title, first month, etc.)
MF .00001
Residual 51%
$583 / Month

You will see my payment doesn’t come out to 583 a month, but I’m not sure at the moment where the difference is… I’ll ask next time I speak with the salesperson.

I would look for further dealer discount. It looks like $2000 of the dealer cash is from the factory (from autobytel incentives page). I doubt the XE is a huge seller right now, and they’re probably looking to move units.

FWIW, I leased a '17 XF R-Sport recently and pay $482/mo (it was a demo though)

Thanks @J2K. I agree- I think there’s a little but more room on this deal. I found the same car in NJ and I’m seeing where they’re at now.