2018 Jaguar F-Type R Lease

Hi All,

I am in the market for a F-Type R lease, and I have been searching nationwide for the best deal I can find.

The best deal I have received so far has been $1,164 thats with taxes rolled in - 12k/miles/year, for 39 months, $1,600 due at signing (first payment and fees). This includes a $1,500 rebate.

MSRP $111,158 - sales price $94,670. MF .0012 39 months w/ 49% residual. It seems that the residuals are way down from the 2017 offers I saw last year. I think I can do much better, I am trying to get sub $1,000 and ideally $950/month w/ taxes rolled in for the same mileage but 36 months. Basically, if they come down 4k on their MSRP I should be able to get to $982/month for 12k, and if I go 10k and 36 months, that would change the MF to .00001, and bump the residual to 51% and I can get to $948. I also changed my out of pocket from $1,600 to $3,200 which I am comfortable doing. That 4k more off I am asking them for moves the MSRP discount from 15% to 18% which doesnt seem unreasonable, but maybe it is?

Every dealership I am talking to is bellyaching that there are no more incentives, under water, no room, blah blah.

Should I propose my offer or wait until next week, October, when new incentives and programs are rolled out? Any other thoughts on the above would be greatly appreciate, as well as any advice on strategy on the above on how to get them to come down further. I am in NY State so 8.625% sales tax is what I am working with.

The links below are to the calculations I did for both scenarios, would love to hear everyones thoughts. Thanks!!

Click links below to see the deal or copy and paste into web browser, I also included screen shot of the current deal they offered

Option 1: 12k miles/year $982/month 36 months taxes rolled into payment:

Option 1

Option 2: 10k miles/year 948/month 36 months taxes rolled into payment:

Option 2

Looking at Edmunds for the F-Type show that there wasn’t a large increase of benefits for the F-Type R when it comes to leasing this month. The V6 versions have considerably better incentives in my area (see figures below). Having said that, the dealerships have started heavily discounting some of their F-Type stock in the last couple days (one F-TYPE R was discounted $20k - 105-85K). I’m curious if those discounts only apply to financing rather than leasing…

.00001 MF
R: 53% residual. $5850 dealer lease cash
R-Dynamic AWD: 55% residual. $8400
R-Dynamic RWD: 55% residual. $9150

Check out my deal on a 2018 R I posted back in March: 2018 Jaguar F-Type R $1,098/mo

Your current numbers are better, but only slightly and I think that’s because your MF is higher. I would check out Edmunds if you haven’t already. In at least one locale, the MF is a lot lower and there is a large incentive available. Check this out: https://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/comment/5573691/#Comment_5573691

Chase required me to buy down the cap after the dealer ran my application through, so keep that in mind in case that happens to you.

Get the best deal that you can, and then just pull the trigger. The car is unbelievable and you will never regret getting it. Be ready for people to mob you with compliments and photographs.

edit: lol I didn’t realize you already posted in my thread previously.

Thanks all!

So I just pulled the trigger last week 2018 F-Type R: $949/month including taxes 10k mile/year

The car was MSRP $105K+ they took off over $20k - got sale price down to $84k.

33 month lease, only fees out of pocket which equaled about $2,700.

This was a demo car so had about 600 miles on it - but wow what a steal - had every options I wanted.

I beat the hell out of them and basically searched the entire country until I found one not too far away in NJ (I live in NY). I played hard ball and it worked, walked away twice until they gave me the deal I wanted.

Happy to answer more questions or provide more details on the deal.

Thanks!!! OH - and the car is UNREAL


Which dealership did you deal with? The Florida dealers are all quoting me around $922/month with tax for a base 4cyl F-Type!!

You got 2x the car for $27 more!

I know Jag is offering some bonus cash on certain models only for financing. My local dealer had a base discounted over 14k when i inquired about it there was a 8k bonus cash for financing only.