2018 Honda Clarity Base 36 months, 10K Miles per year - $219 Monthly, $1164 Due at signing plus tax


Thanks for suggesting Edmunds. They confirm that HFS lease deal NOT available in NM, TX in a post this morning:

No, only ZEV states qualify for the lease cash, mainly in the Northeast and West Coast.

I think a lease anywhere else would be quite expensive.


How can you claim the $7500 Federal tax credit on a lease? Everything I read says the credit must go to the lessor.


If you finance it or buy it out for cash or have your bank buy it then finance you can claim the credit.

If you lease then the credit is passed from Honda to dealer to you but you can not claim it against your taxes.

You can’t get both (double dip) when you lease!


Are these deals still available? Looking to lease before April 1 in NY 11030.


Probably You need to wait until October in order to get great deals on 2019 clarity.

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