2018 Honda Clarity Base 36 months, 10K Miles per year - $219 Monthly, $1164 Due at signing plus tax



Either this dummy didn’t read the thread or he is a dealer trying to make this deal sound normal.


I have no interest in that.

I got the car for exactly what I stated.

Not forcing you to believe me…


Even though Honda doesn’t appear to offer 10k on this particular car?


Check Hamilton Honda or openroad Honda in nj. They are advertising 10k lease on their site.

They don’t go beyond hondafinancial most of the time as far as I know


Well it’s either HFS or its not. Did you check your contract? Which dealer did you end up going through? I’ve had a rough time getting a call even from Open Road for some reason.


Yes it’s Honda.

Not sure how to convince you.

May be when I am back from work will post a screenshot of that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Either way I was just looking for what you guys think… is it a decent deal?


Wouldn’t it have been around 260 sign and drive? Why not just do that so you don’t risk losing the money down?


It wasn’t that simple to convince dealer
Net outflow for me about 9k in 3 years so I was ok


Apparently it does…only in certain areas though, and I’m not sure where they are. Edmunds comment indicated “If 10k is available in your area, add 1%.” OP lists 10k in his numbers too for NY, NJ and CT, so I’m assuming these areas would be covered.


Its a decent deal but not the best deal. Should have been around $260 sign and drive like what others mentioned. Unless of course this is the touring model then you got a fantastic deal.



I guess I am happy with what I got since I am paying 250 pm and I was kind of ok with a little extra down to make the deal work…


Dont mind some of the poster here trying to nickel and dime the dealer to death or travel 500 miles just to save $20 a month. I bet those are the same people who goes 20 miles out of the way to save 10 cents/gal of gas.
Congrats and enjoy your new clarity!

This is a reply for newbie. Damn this small iphone. Cant see who i am replying to. Just looking at the colors.


Thank you.

I am excited about the car. Picking up today after work as it was too late for detailing and all yesterday… :grinning:


It was bondage night at the salesman’s house, and he needed to get home.


Please post the screenshot. Dealer in MA swears Honda Financial does not do 10k miles. Also what is the residual? It is 43% for 36/12, so I am hoping for 45% for 36/10.
And that would be great news for me since 2% RV means roughly $600 in my pocket :slight_smile:

Enjoy the car -


honda doesnt do 10K…thats right


The plot thickens …


The 10K option does appear to be regional from what I can see.


The Gimp… I mean Finance Manager was out sick and they needed him to “finish” the transaction.


I’ve got clarity’s too guys! Just an FYI

244 w/ just plates upfront no first month payment, including Nassau county Sales tax.