2018 Honda Civic EX Hatchback $259/m. Decent?

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No down. $2000 all fees DAS. 36/12k.
MSRP: 23875
SP: 21526
Resi: 57%
MF: 0.00105

I know Honda isn’t as aggressive as others out there when it comes to leasing, but this is something. What do you think? Pretty much hit the 1% rule, kinda.

It’s not $0 down. It is $2,000 down. So it’s nowhere near the 1% rule.

You can get a loaded up $30k Impreza hatch for less money, so it’s a no brainer to say no to this lease.

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@mah4546 I already clarified with them. it’s all fees and tax due at signing. no down payment/cap cost reduction.

Considering you can get an Accord 1.5T Touring for similar…and any number of better rides…I’m gonna say no. Several Accord trims have lease cash available.

Selling price discount is pretty feeble. I’d say you should have bought it, but for a few hundred more you could have landed a 1.5T Accord Sport.

But that’s still something due at signing - it’s still $2,000 down. $0 down means just that, $0 down. It’s $315/month for a mid-range Civic. Anyway you slice it, terrible deal.

good call. I’m gonna check on the accord touring. That deal is tough to beat, and it’s a Cali deal.

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So all of your fees and taxes come to exactly $2000? That’s hard to believe


yeah that’s a weirdly exact number.

$312 for a civic? I know civic is great and have one before but i would never pay that much for one.
If you really like the car, just finance it and i think honda is running their 0.9% apr 60 mos and you will come out ahead in 3 years.

Just got a counter offer from another dealership!
$239/month. 36/12. 1st month + tax fees DAS = $1325

what do you think?

I’m new to this site, but I wouldn’t put anything down on leasing a 2018 Civic, especially if you’re not getting Honda Sensing. The Civic has the Old Infotainment Center. I hate that thing. I test drove an Accord, and I literally woo’ed and ahh’d when I could roll the volume rocker and search rocker. The 2019’s are out. They come standard w/Sensing and they have volume knobs. $239/month $0 DAS, first months payment put on the backend. Maybe your payment jumps up to $240/month. I’d do that.

Don’t put money down.

If your heart is set on a Civic, then it’s actually an okay deal. But Civic leases will almost always suck compared to literally every other car on the market in its class. If I were you, I’d just lease a Jetta, save the money.

So $239 a month hits the 1% rule but that $1325 is bs and is extra $$$ going straight to the dealership. If you get them down to $500 due at signing which includes the first months payment then I would say go for it. I still think putting $500 down isn’t the greatest but it’s the best you can probably do.

I also think the 2019s are coming out soon, so they probably want to push these 2018s out. I really want to lease a civic too as I love the style and all the nice upgrades inside the dash and FOB key.

I’d suggest doing some reading before offering people advice.


Such as…

Leasing 101

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Going by leasing 101, his payment with zero down would be $324 a month.