2018 Honda Accord 0 Down

I’m in talks with a dealership about leasing the 2018 Honda Accord Sport 1.5L I4 Engine. The MSRP is $26,670 and I’ve got it down to $24.515. They’re giving me a price of $305/mo (without tax) with 0 down on a 36 month/12k miles term.

Anyone have advice on if this is a good deal and if not, what I should push for? I’m in the Metro Detroit market.


for comparison: scroll down for a reasonable deal in Ohio. Note that those numbers include ~$335 in doc and dmv fees.

Invoice is 23589 on this car. You should aim for 1500 below invoice on this car. 1k below invoice should be not very hard. In some very very lucky cases you might get to 1800 or 2k below invoice, but that’s gonna be hard.

I sometimes check the online direct prices of a nearby honda dealer as a baseline. (direct.andersonhonda.com), which gave me 23488$. This is just a baseline - as mentioned above you can do better than that.

$305 for a 26K Accord sounds quite high. Then again, from what I’ve read Honda’s don’t lease well.

Not sure if it applies to accord but I got a 10% reduction by using truecar and being up front with dealers who emailed back on what the max I was willing to pay would be Civic Hatchback 2018

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2018 Accord 2.0T sport should be around 380 a month with 0 down and 15k miles a year. I suggest you look at a 2018 Nissan Maxima. Much comfier and way faster for a similar price. The Maxima is a much better car overall :wink: Really hard to find comfortable position in accord. Still feels like you need to adjust more. I don’t recommend the 1.5T also.

The Maxima is a nice car but you could have a Q50 for less - with the same power as a Maxima and a real gearbox. If you aren’t set on the Accord.

I’m definitely not set on the Accord, any recommendations for Q50 deals in the Detroit area? I’ve seen a lot of things but it’s usually in the So Cal area or East Coast.

I’m not sure how incentives break down by region, but I imagine you could probably get one for low/mid 300s. Another option is a 3 series loaner, I went that route and got a 48k MSRP 330i for $350/mo (including tax) with 1200 DAS (I don’t think that’s even a remarkable deal, you may be able to do better).

I went the same route. Why drive a Honda when you can get a BMW for a little more haha

:smile: I had a Honda and I won’t be going back

The Maxima has a great gearbox! Smooth, no lag, feels like a quick automatic! I love it to be honest. The Q50 is terrific, but Maxima holds value better and is a bigger car.

I would not go for a 330i due to the lack of a V6.

In real world conditions you are probably right, but in terms of leasing the Maxima has something like a 0.48RV while the Q50 carries 0.53 RV which can make for a much more favorable lease.

Yes, but if you decide to trade-in Q50 in a year due to job loss for example (god forbid, but stuff happens), you will be deep down in negative equity. The Maxima is a much safer option.

Why do you not recommend the 1.5T?

Underpowered, unreliable. The fact that it is mated to a CVT is even worse. Only way a CVT will ever feel good is with a V6.

tons of issues on honda 1.5T. just google it lol

Yeah I’ve read about the oil issue but thats about it, other than that I can’t find any indicator that the engine won’t last 200k miles with minimal maintenance yet and as far as @dmitry it performs better than the 2.0 cvt in the same line so that is kind’ve a non issue if you’re set on a honda already -

How many 1.5t do you see living over 100k miles?