2018 GMC Acadia loaner

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I’d love your opinion on a 2018 GMC Acadia lease. It’s a loaner with 3,000 miles. New York.

10,000 miles (I get 9,000/year because of the existing 3,000)/36 months.

$45,000 MSRP
Discounting $4,000 because it’s a loaner and giving another $4,000 in rebates for a total price of $37,000.

59% residual
$0 down, around $2,700 due at signing (first month/taxes/fees)
.001 MF (2.4%)


The 3k miles on it shouldn’t cut into your annual mileage allowance

Not enough discount before rebates.

Thanks. I had told them I’m interested in low mileage leases, even 7,500. It’s possible they’re using this to help with pricing?

If the pricing is good then the 9,000 miles/year is completely fine for me.

Just make sure they are not playing any games with the price, since loaner miles are not supposed to effect you’re annual mileage.
Even if you are fine with the payment they give you I don’t think you want to pay for the salesman’s vacation.

What the dealer is telling you is correct. With GM loaner leases, the miles on the car do eat into mileage allotment you choose. I think it’s an eh deal because you have such a large amount due at signing. I mean it meets the 1% rule after accounting for the money due at signing, but $435 for a demo just isn’t amazing. I would try to get a bit more off the selling price. $4000 on a demo seems anemic


If it’s a “good” deal depends on his market. where are you? most dealer websites have discounted prices online. What is the discount on non-loaners in your area? if it’s 1k for others and 4k for this one, then you have a good deal. if it’s 3,800 usually then you don’t.