2018 Giulia for Upcoming Holidays


I wanted to create a topic specifically for the 2018 Giulia leases for the upcoming holidays.

With 2019 Giulias arriving on the lot, I hope to find an acceptable deal for the 2018 models. I received several quotes but it seems like there still is room for improvement and hopefully, the holidays will only make it better.

Below is the best offer I got so far in Southern California.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Base RWD

**MSRP: $41,590.00
**Selling Price: $35,351.50 (15% off MSRP)
**Incentives: $3750
**DAS: $1600 (1st Month, Tax, Bank Fee, DMV, Acq, Registration, Doc)
**Monthly: $367 including tax.

**Months: 24
**Mileage: 12,000
**MF: 0.00045
**RV: 58%

Are any of you still hoping to seeing better numbers towards the end of the year? What was the market like for 2017? I’m trying to get 18% ~ 20% off MSRP before incentives but is this even possible in the current market?

Please share your quotes and lease details!

2018 Giulia Ti Sport RWD Advise

Can you Hackrs please rate my new quote?

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Base RWD

**MSRP: $42,940
**Selling Price: $35,842 (17.5% off MSRP)
**Incentives: $4,250
**DAS: $2500 ($534 reg, $80 doc, $595 acq fee, $503.37 upfront sales tax, $347 first months payment,$500 No returning/conquest lease)
**Monthly: $347 including tax.

**Months: 24
**Mileage: 12,000
**MF: 0.00027
**RV: 57%

When I put these numbers on Leasehackr Calculator, the payment and DAS is different. The dealer is not disclosing the MF and RV. Does it seem marked-up?

Also, how can I further reduce the payment? Where can I see some improvement?


What is the breakdown of the incentives? Verify if they are using Ally Bank due to Chrysler Financial is only offering $3750 in incentives. The MF & RV will also be different if they are using Ally


There are only $4k listed for the Stelvio but I was able to get $6k in incentives negotiating. Also the dealers were waiving the $500 conquest.

@Modo ask for the price to purchase at lease end to reverse engineer the RV they are using and see if it matches that RV or if it’s different. You can ask if they are using Chrysler or Ally. Usually the notes on the specials on the website will note Chrysler or Ally.


Are the incentives included in the selling price?
Sure not subtracting them twice?


Thanks for all the advice!

The incentive is $3,750 lease cash and $500 TrueCar. Are there additional incentives for Ally which I can take advantage of?

I will ask the sales manager for the residual value and reverse engineer. The numbers I used for my calculation was for Chrysler Capital but their offer is based on Ally. How can I find the base rate MF/RV for Ally bank?

The discount off MSRP is not including the incentives. In my case the total discount comes out to $11,708.


I got the following offer from a local dealer and this is the best I got so far.

2018 Giulia Ti Sport RWD
MSRP: $47,090
Sales Price: $40,000
Rebate: $4,250

Months: 24
Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00028
RV: 56%

Monthly: $475 including tax
DAS: $1,500

I tried to shoot for 17~18% off MSRP before incentives but they simply cannot accept the offer.

How does this deal compete against the competitors (C300, A4, Q50, Q60)?

Where is the room for improvement?


I’m not an experienced hackr, but am interested on leasing a Giulia in SoCal soon!

Good luck and please update with your outcomes.


I just got my Giulia TI sport at the end of november (OC alfa) and I know they are running on low supply so hopefully you got a good deal on one by now.

MSRP: $49,670
Gross Capitalized cost: $42,420.78
cap reduction: $5704.69
Adjusted cap cost: $36,895.09

DAS: $2500 (1st month, tax, bank fee, DMV , Acq, registration and doc fee)
Monthly: $440 (tax included)
milages: 10,000
RV: 56%

Happy with my first lease ever, I think they made some profit off the DAS it seems like when adding it up it should be more along the lines of 1600


Willing to post to the actual numbers? Always been curious what 0 down deals at oc alfa actually include when every 0 down deal seems to have 1000-1500 in hidden fees.


First month - $440.00
Registration - $540.00
Transfer charge - $30.00
sales / use tax - $448.31
Document fee - $80
CA tire fee - $7

Total = $1545.31

you were correct seems like they managed to put a nice little 950$ for them, hard to complain though I love the car and feel like I still got a good deal


$0 down + drive off hence where that 1000-1500 fees show up at the end.


I also tried closing on a deal with OC Alfa but when I was a bit hesitant, all of their 2018 Ti Sport were sold.

Although my current deal is not up to that status, it’s not the worst deal I’ve seen on the forum.

Planning on pushing for a bit more discount until this weekend and close on the deal before the vehicle is again, sold out.

I’ll keep you guys posted.


Best of luck! You just have to wait for the right deal to come around, I managed to get 2 Fiat 500E’s from OC alfa when they had the 49.99$ monthly deal.

Also worth noting - they have a package they offer when you’re in finance that is like tire/wheel and damage protection but it also gives 2,000 miles over forgiveness, forgot the price but might be worth it if you need some more miles than 10k - if i remember correctly it was 695$


Scored last month in S. Fl:

2018 Giulia Ti Sport RWD (Nero Edition)
Rosso Competizione Tri-Coat/Black
MSRP: $48,090
True sign and drive ($0)
24 Months
15,000 per year
Monthly w tax: 499.56
20,000 and 30,000 maintenance includedScored last month

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