2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Should I take the deal?

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid (New)

How does everything look, is there any room for improvement?

Looks pretty good to me. Is it a plug in that qualifies for state and local rebates on top of this?

No. Just a gas hybrid.

Still looks pretty good, go for it

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Awesome. I will head down there tonight. Thank you!

If that mileage allowance isn’t enough you could probably get 12k for not much more

Also, where is CA are you?

I am Northern California (Bay Area). I rarely drive so; the mileage should be okay. I have driven just 2,000 miles on my previous lease in the past 14 months.

@BPitch - there should be a credit from CA. Anywhere from $0 to $1,500 to $3,500 depending on your gross income.

Also, PG&E should give you $500.

That’ll be $50, thank you…

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Thank you! That is good to know. It applies to hybrids in general and not electric? I will attempt to search and find those applicable rebates.


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I appreciate this. Thank you again.

If you average 5 miles per day, is it worth having a car? Would Uber everywhere be cheaper and easier?

Just asking.

Best of luck.

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I work from home, so there is no commute. But I also have a rather serious health issue, so the lack of regular driving is due to that. However, I have long trips for treatment and appointments. I have never utilized Uber, yet, I have taken Lyft to and from the airport, and it averages $130 (one way) for a 24-mile trip. One hospital is 50 miles away; the other is 40. It is cost efficient to lease.

To your point, I merely rented vehicles whenever I needed one for long distances (I do have another car, but it is without all of the technology, convenience, and comforts). When renting, I would pay the amount above for 3-4 days.

If you’d only save $8/mo for 39 months, I’d suggest you do 36 months and avoid the registration renewal.

WIth $0 down, what’s your actual out of pocket? Are they hitting you for acquisition fee, 1st payment, and license, or does the $6,750 rebate cover everything.

Thank you for the advice. I was never considering a 39-month lease, so I am not entirely sure why the salesperson included that option.

And with this specific car, the rebate covers everything.

Just curious. $0 down could mean $0 cap cost reduction, the down payment portion of a lease drive-off. It’s not labelled “Cash Due at Signing.”

There’s payments close to that range with Chevy Volts (I’m not sure how much higher these days, but there’s also one-pays that are nice). A Volt might have a much bigger MSRP as well and you can drive them up to about 53 miles on the battery. Driving on the battery is so much cheaper than driving on the dinosaur. I think the Fusion doesn’t go very far on pure battery (20 miles?). I’m assuming it’s a plug-in, I think all the Fusion hybrids are.

@chevysalesgirl might have some useful input if you’re curious.

The salesman had 39 months on there because it’s a smart sales tactic. Having a choice distracts from analyzing the quality of the deal.

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Unfortunately, it is not a plug-in.

I did ask (without beating around the bush) if I would have to pay anything at all and was told no with this particular car. The other I was considering had the usual fees (which amounted to $1,300+). However, the rebate was over 2K less.

I also was told some story about Volts with a new law that was recently passed by the salesperson (taken with a grain of salt). I cannot recall what it was, but I do remember them saying specific Chevy models were being phased out along with a massive amount of layoffs. But are not Fusions going to be no longer manufactured as well?

If I could deal with @chevysalesgirl, that would be awesome. Tricia is the most honest and most helpful salesperson. I would have leased a vehicle from her before my last, but her inventory moves crazy fast.

I think PhilT or something like that also deals in Volts in NorCal…

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Yes- I see there’s a Fusion hybrid and the Energi is the plug-in. So forget the CA and PG&E rebates unless you get the plug-in Energi.

GM is shuttering several plants, and one of them builds the Volt. I’m shocked, as I thought the Volt was a good seller for them. You could go Bolt and never buy gas, but I think the Fusion and Volt drive nicer. GM is going to get a lot of heat for putting so many people out of work in advance of a slowdown. They owe the American people a lot better than the devastation they’re going to create for all those factory towns. Shame on them. I think even Ford is going to build all trucks plus what, just the Mustang in the near future?

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