2018 F150 XLT $328 24/10.5, $0 Driveoff MSRP $51495



I’m in the market for a truck as well. Would love to land a similar deal to yours.


Unless someone can find another way to land the 3k PCO, these deals will be hard to land. There used to be a guy on f150 forum that would get them for you but he is no longer on that site it appears


Wikel has them on the f150 forum, there’s a couple other guys on that thread that can get them for you still but you will have to legitimately contribute to the thread to get it.

That being said if you have a PCO and want the dealer pm me, located in Indiana. Pretty sure they have several other xlt screws available around the same price. I was looking at two different ones within 2$ payment difference.


Special package for XLT with 302 A I believe, 2.7L Eco boost incentive, red carpet incentive, bonus cash + the ford 3k PCO.


Wickel isn’t posting anymore. Anyone else I should check with? Thanks


Did they use the original msrp or the blue box msrp for the RV calculation?


How do numbers compare for base lariat? Thinking standard upgrades are worth the minimal upcharge, but not sure how that translates to lease costs.


In my region, the Lariat gets no incentive support (but I think residual is 2% higher). Of course the XLT only has 1500 in lease cash for me, so they arent throwing tons of money at that model either. I think the benefit of the XLT is the extra up to 2500 package discounts on the sticker.


I ended up with 4300 in incentives + a PCO for the XLT, incentives werent even close for the Lariat. I went with the 302A/Sport packages in the XLT which seems to give me everything I honestly wanted.


@luckr - can you pm me your dealer info?


In my area there were 2500 incentives for the XLT and only 1500 for the lariat.


Did you get the 2.7 for the additional 300 or no?


That’s a crazy deal. Congrats!


Not at that deal


@Luckr - what was the MF / residual / and term of your lease deal?


I believe it was 300 or 500. Can’t remember exactly.

Man do I wish my area had as much incentives as you, my payment would have been under 200 lol


Revisiting this. So how the heck is your selling price so low? 17% off MSRP doesn’t seem possible. I have dealers that won’t even do 10% off. The problem is they know there are heavy incentives so they can’t separate the two. I’m upstate NY but would travel for a deal if anyone knows any good dealers especially in the NY/OH/PA area


I think 2500 of that was package savings on the sticker. So dealer discount was 12% + the 2500 package savings (~5%).


I asked every dealer if they could match this ad which a local dealer had… this ad was without my 3k PCO. The PCO didn’t work with conquest money so I essentially got 2k extra off the ad. This dealer was willing to beat the ad as most every other dealer wouldn’t come close.


I am new to leasing but this is the deal I am working.

MSRP 51880 (after the package discounts)
3yr/13500 miles
399 per month
sign and drive
had about $400 equity on trade
added drop in liner, roll cover, floor mats