2018 F150 XL stx $249 24/10.5

Got this deal for my dad. PCO was huge so thanks to a member on this forum who sent me one for him. I dont think they are attainable at the moment right now but im sure they will pop up again. Incentives in my region werent as great in my area as others but still got a great deal none the less.

Also this is a TRUE ZERO DUE AT SIGNING…(i know that concept is a little hard to understand for most lately on here… lol)

2018 Ford F150 XL STX SUPER CREW 2.7 4x4

**MSRP: $45760
**Selling Price: $39050
**Monthly Payment: $248.51
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
**Incentives: $6250 (3000 PCO, 3250 Lease Offers)

**Annual Mileage:10500
**Residual: $28371



If only I could get this PCO , I want a new ram 1500 but if I can get a Ford for under 300$ a month for 24 months that’ll put me over just fine :man_facepalming:

I got a PCO in the mail. I simply asked for info on the website.

Whats a PCO? Thanks

Private cash offer from ford .

Congrats on the truck. In my region, my best offer on an XL was ~$100 more per month (MSRP $900 higher but also a place with limited incentives).

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Thanks for your help!

There is a dealer here who is very aggressive on their ads so I was able to get them to simply match the ad and then beat it a little bit. I didn’t even shop this one around like normal as the dealer was fair and the payment is great

Yes, it is hard to argue with a 46k truck for $250/mth.

Hello, would you be able to send me a PM please? I am trying to replicate it, but have a couple questions and am unable to send you a message. Thanks!

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That PCO makes a big difference. I would send that member a Thank you gift card :slight_smile:


@naderade Is the PCO transferable? I have one that expires at the end of this month, but don’t plan on using it.

I doubt, they all have your name and address on them.

That’s what I thought, but the original post seems to indicate someone gave @naderade one. Not sure if they send him the link to get one or passed along their PCO.

Oh ya sorry let me clarify.

A member on this forum sent me the link to which I entered my address, name etc… then ford sent me a code via email.

For the truck I bought last month I had a PCO that was attained the same way, just from a member on a different forum(f150 forum)

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Can anyone here verify that FORD caps the maximum dollar amount of accessory price towards residual adjustment? On a particular accessory which is costing $1599 installed, dealer is saying Ford cap is $600. Even sent me the form which is a dealer form and states it and some other accessories. Also max total is $2500.

Would anyone be able to send me a PM with the pco link? :slight_smile:

I would love one too. Trying to get an F150…

Can you send me the link for the PCO? Many thanks!!!

Anyone got a link for PCO for F150? I’m shopping…

My PCO link quit working a couple of days ago after a 36 hour renaissance.