2018 F150 lariat lease deal

About to pull the trigger on a Lariat 502a 2.7L with moonroof, 36g gas tank, tailgate step, and 3.55.
MSRP: 57,215
Selling price: 53,663
Rebates: 5500
Net cap cost: 48,103 +TTL
589/Mo with zero out of pocket at signing.

Thoughts on the deal? Basically got down to invoice minus incentives, wouldn’t dip into holdback.

Did you have PCO ?

yea, 3k PCO and 2500 in ford rebates.

Not getting much of a discount. Should be able to get a 5k dealer discount pretty easily. Some have reported 6-7k off before rebates.

Yes, the 6% discount looks just like X plan or only slightly better. 10% off should be target. Also, if discount increases 24 months may be cheaper.

Sorry, but what’s PCO?

Private cash offer. I tried to get below invoice, but they would not budge. Were those discounts in the north east area? I feel like 10% deals are impossible around here with most 6-8%. I’m in CT specifically.

Those discounts were from reading @toptobottom thread on the f150 forum and seeing what people were able to get. Not sure the package setup on the Lariat, but have you considered a well equipped XLT with a 2500 package savings. Maybe add after market leather.

I have read through most of those threads, he has some amazing info on there. It is 502a package. The LED headlights, 4A option, and leather are all very appealing to me. The MSRP I listed included the 1500 ford lariat discount. The dealer has the invoice as 58715.

Man, every other trim has that $2500 rebate and the platinum and limited only get $250…

You definitely need a better discount on the salea price.

I tried to get them to 53k even for sale price, saying I would drive down and sign right there minus rebates and they said no way. Wouldn’t even come down the 600 bucks

I had the same results with F150 in my area. 8-9% tips and that’s with a 599-699 doc fee. One thing to look at is courtesy loaners. Ford gives dealer a $1500 rebate for each punched loaner and the residual reduction is only 0.20/mile. So a loaner with 2500 miles, there is an extra $1000 to play with. My local Fors branded dealerships would not lease loaners - frustrating.

Doc fee is 499 here. I’m planning on walking in there tomorrow and try to push them for a bed liner, or something extra. Anyone have luck with last minutes dealer throw ins before signing? He said the spray in would be 695. Seems so steep for a bed liner.

The Tundra I leased already had bedliner sprayed and ceramic tint applied. Dealer was charging $399 for bedliner, which was $120 less than Toyota charged for a spray in applied at the port. The way the lease was structured - with the accessories on the truck already, bit not part of the MSRP, I either got $1300 worth of accessories for free (with a smaller discount) or a larger discount (that covered the accessories).

speak for yourself platinum has $2250 lease cash in the mid atlantic region.

you are close to king ranch and platinum money, $589 is high even for the 502a, with a 57k msrp are you getting the tech package and twin panel moonroof? a good deal for the higher trim in my opinion is having the sales prices 10k off msrp.

To put that in perspective im working a 65k platinum and grinding the dealer hard, we are currently stuck at $650 a month with 1k due at signing for 36/15k. sales price is 54k.

Twin panel moonroof is included. As it stands now I’m at 9.1k off MSRP (blue box) and 10.6k off MSRP before ford lariat rebate. This is also with zero out of pocket. Unfortunately my PCO is expiring at the end of the month, and this seems to be the best deal I have been able to find despite searching even in surrounding states.
I am going to get there and push again for more off or at least a liner before signing.

Why 36 months instead of 24?
Im at $599 with 1st due at signing on a $68k 4x4 Platinum. But 10.5k miles not 15.

I think that is for all PCO. Thats what I have heard from a lot of folks.